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  • McKim, B. R., Rayfield, J., Harlin, J., & Adams, A (2013). Stress Levels of Agricultural Science Cooperating Teachers and Student Teachers: A Repeated Measures Comparative Assessment. Career and Technical Education Research. 38(1), 3-17.
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  • Murphrey, T. P., Miller, K. A., Harlin, J., & Rayfield, J. (2011). Collaboration as a Tool to Improve Career and Technical Education: A Qualitative Study of Successful Collaboration Among Extension Agents and Agricultural Science Teachers. Journal of Career and Technical Education. 26(2),
  • Murphrey, T., Harlin, J., & Rayfield, J. (2011). An Evaluation of Successful Collaboration Among Agricultural Science Teachers and Extension Agents in Texas. Journal of Agricultural Education. 52(3), 36-49.
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  • Roberts, G., Greiman, B., Murphy, T., Ricketts, J., Harlin, J., & Briers, G (2009). Changes in Student Teachers' Intention to teach During Student Teaching. Journal of Agricultural Education. 50(4), 134-145.
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  • Roberts, G., Harlin, J., & Briers, G (2008). Peer Modeling and Teaching Efficacy: The Influence of Two Student Teachers at the Same Time. Journal of Agricultural Education. 49(2), 13-26.
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