My research focuses on innovative ways to conduct qualitative research with regard to higher education policy and organizations. I also teach graduate level courses in higher education administration, higher education policy, and diversity issues in postsecondary institutions.

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  • Lechuga, V. M (2012). Emotional Management and Motivation: A Case Study of Underrepresented Faculty. New Directions for Institutional Research. 2012(155), 85-98.
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  • Desiderio, A., & Lechuga, V. M (2012). The Global Growth of Private Higher Education (review). The Review of Higher Education. 35(4), 656-658.
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  • Lechuga, V. M., Clerc, L. N., & Howell, A. K (2009). Power, Privilege, and Learning: Facilitating Encountered Situations to Promote Social Justice. Journal of College Student Development. 50(2), 229-244.
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  • Lechuga, V. M (2005). The Changing Landscape of the Academic Profession. Routledge.
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