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  • Panov, A. V., Prokushkin, A. S., Korets, M. A., Bryukhanov, A. V., Myers-Pigg, A. N., Louchouarn, P., ... Heimann, M. (2016). Linking trace gas measurements and molecular tracers of organic matter in aerosols for identification of ecosystem sources and types of wildfires in Central Siberia. IOP Conference Series Earth and Environmental Science. 48(1), 012017-012017.
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  • Maiorana-Boutilier, A. L., Mitra, S., West, A., Bischoff, J., Louchouarn, P., Norwood, M., Kennett, J., & Silva, S. (2016). ORGANIC COMPOSITION OF YOUNGER DRYAS BLACK MAT. Abstracts with programs (Geological Society of America).
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  • Louchouarn, P., Yeager, K. M., Brunner, C. A., Briggs, K., Guo, L., Asper, V., ... Cruz, V. (2011). Deepwater horizon: Coastal ocean to marsh margin sediment impacts. ACS National Meeting Book of Abstracts. 241,
  • Norwood, M., Cleveland, J., Crisp, K., Dalton, M., Dunn, M., Grandy, P., ... Louchouarn, P. (2011). Reactivity of charcoal-derived water-soluble biomarkers in river water. ACS National Meeting Book of Abstracts. 241,
  • Page, C. A., Fuller, C., Autenrieth, R. L., Bonner, J. S., Louchouarn, P., Tissot, P., & McDonald, T. (2005). Shoreline cleaner use in a sandy beach environment. 7696-7699.
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