Dr. Ing's research interests focus on understanding how hormones regulate gene expression in animal tissues. Current research projects investigate the earliest days of pregnancy in the sheep uterus and the regulation of estrogen receptor gene expression, as well as stress hormone effects on gene expression in the stallion testes. Most recently, we have been studying the RNAs in sperm from stallions and honey bees in order to find a pattern consistent with high fertility.

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  • Ing, N. H., Konganti, K., Ghaffari, N., Johnson, C. D., Forrest, D. W., Love, C. C., & Varner, D. D. (2020). Identification and quantification of coding and long non-coding RNAs in stallion spermatozoa separated by density.. Andrology. 8(5), 1409-1418.
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  • Valdez, R., Cavinder, C. A., Varner, D. D., Welsh, T. H., Vogelsang, M. M., & Ing, N. H. (2019). Dexamethasone downregulates expression of several genes encoding orphan nuclear receptors that are important to steroidogenesis in stallion testes.. J Biochem Mol Toxicol. 33(6), e22309.
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  • Lindstrm, H., Peer, S. M., Ing, N. H., & Mannervik, B. (2018). Characterization of equine GST A3-3 as a steroid isomerase.. J Steroid Biochem Mol Biol. 178, 117-126.
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  • Gonzalez, A. N., Ing, N., & Rangel, J. (2018). Upregulation of antioxidant genes in the spermathecae of honey bee (Apis mellifera) queens after mating. Apidologie. 49(2), 224-234.
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  • Ing, N. H., Brinsko, S. P., Curley, K. O., Forrest, D. W., Love, C. C., Hinrichs, K., ... Welsh, T. H. (2015). Dexamethasone acutely regulates endocrine parameters in stallions and subsequently affects gene expression in testicular germ cells.. Anim Reprod Sci. 152, 47-54.
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  • Ing, N. H., Curley, K. O., Welsh, T. H., Johnson, L., & Staub, C. (2018). Anatomy and Physiology of the Male Reproductive System and Potential Targets of Toxicants. Comprehensive Toxicology. 2-63. Elsevier.
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  • Ing, N. H. (2016). Post-transcriptional Regulation of Steroid Hormone Receptors. Post-transcriptional Mechanisms in Endocrine Regulation. 91-107. Springer International Publishing.
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  • Ing, N. H. (2012). Post-transcriptional effects of estrogens on gene expression: Messenger RNA stability and translation regulated by micrornas and other factors. Estrogens: Biochemistry, Therapeutic Uses and Physiological Effects. 113-140.
Conference Papers19
  • Heninger, N. L., Staub, C., Johnson, L., Blanchard, T. L., Varner, D., Ing, N. H., & Forrest, D. W. (2006). Testicular germ cell apoptosis and formation of the sertoli cell barrier during the initiation of spermatogenesis in pubertal stallions.. Animal Reproduction Science. 94(1-4), 127-131.
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  • Welsh, T. H., Brinsko, S. P., Curley, K. O., Forrest, D. W., Ing, N. H., Love, C. C., ... Varner, D. D. (2006). Effect of dexamethasone on serum and testicular concentrations of testosterone in stallions. Animal Reproduction Science. 94(1-4), 158-160.
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  • Jaeger, L. A., Spiegel, A. K., & Ing, N. H. (2004). Multiple effects of transforming growth factor beta (TGF beta) on porcine trophectorderm adhesion.. BIOLOGY OF REPRODUCTION. 211-211.
  • Woldesenbet, S., Garcia, R. F., Lewis, S. K., Igbo, N., Leake, J., Stoddard, S. V., ... Newton, G. R. (2003). Alpha(1-2)fucosyltransferase gene expression by caprine endometrial tissues obtained during the estrous cycle and early pregnancy.. BIOLOGY OF REPRODUCTION. 68, 353-353.
  • Ing, N. H., Wolfskill, R., Clark, S., & de Graauw, J. A. (2003). Estradiol up-regulates expression of a novel gene product involved in cell adhesion in the endometrial glands of sheep.. BIOLOGY OF REPRODUCTION. 68, 352-352.
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