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  • Charalambous, M., Bhatti, S., Van Ham, L., Platt, S., Jeffery, N. D., Tipold, A., ... Vanhaesebrouck, A. E. (2017). Intranasal Midazolam versus Rectal Diazepam for the Management of Canine Status Epilepticus: A Multicenter Randomized Parallel-Group Clinical Trial.. J Vet Intern Med. 31(4), 1149-1158.
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  • Moore, S. A., Granger, N., Olby, N. J., Spitzbarth, I., Jeffery, N. D., Tipold, A., ... Levine, J. M. (2017). Targeting Translational Successes through CANSORT-SCI: Using Pet Dogs To Identify Effective Treatments for Spinal Cord Injury.. J Neurotrauma. 34(12), 2007-2018.
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  • Meren, I. L., Chavera, J. A., Alcott, C. J., Barker, A. K., & Jeffery, N. D. (2017). Shunt tube placement for amelioration of cerebrospinal fluid flow obstruction caused by spinal cord subarachnoid fibrosis in dogs.. Vet Surg. 46(2), 289-296.
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  • Gilmour, L. J., Jeffery, N. D., Miles, K., & Riedesel, E. (2017). SINGLE-SHOT TURBO SPIN ECHO PULSE SEQUENCE FINDINGS IN DOGS WITH AND WITHOUT PROGRESSIVE MYELOMALACIA.. Vet Radiol Ultrasound. 58(2), 197-205.
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  • Jeffery, N. D., & Yarrow, T. G. (1995). Handbook of Small Animal Spinal Surgery. Bailliere Tindall Limited.
  • Olby, N. J., & Jeffery, N. D. (2013). Pathogenesis and physiology of central nervous system disease and injury. Tobias, K. M., & Johnston, S. A. (Eds.), Veterinary Surgery: Small Animal 2-Volume Set. 374-387. Elsevier Health Sciences.
  • Jeffery, N. D., Granger, N., & Franklin, R. (2013). Using Naturally Occurring Spinal Cord Injury in Domestic Dogs to Explore Novel Therapeutic Options. Neuromethods. Aldskogius, H. (Eds.), Animal Models of Spinal Cord Repair. 185-205. Humana Press.
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  • Olby, N. J., & Jeffery, N. D. (2003). Pathophysiology of diseases of the Central Nervous System. Slatter, D. (Eds.), Textbook of Small Animal Surgery. 1132-1147. Elsevier Health Sciences.
Conference Papers1
  • Taghavi, N., Luecke, G. R., & Jeffery, N. D. (2016). A bionic test-bed for sensing and balance augmentation in biological applications. ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, Proceedings (IMECE). 4A-2016,
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