The development, control and diseases of the musculoskeletal system have been my scholarly interests for the past 35+ years. Understanding how the musculoskeletal system adapts and progresses throughout life is the basis of my expertise. My research focus has been the skeletal consequences of disease, such as breast cancer bone metastasis and multiple myeloma, fracture healing, osteoporosis, and most recently rare bone diseases. Current research efforts include a focus on utilizing in vivo models (murine and large animals) to discover regulatory pathways fundamental to bone physiology and the development of rare bone disease preclinical model(s) that may provide novel insight into future therapeutic directions. A critical aspect of my academic philosophy is an open door policy and the importance of one-on-one interactions. We must strive to provide training and exposure for our students as they prepare for careers both in and out of academic medicine and research. I emphatically believe that these teaching and mentoring experiences have shaped my scientific career and have helped mold my teaching and mentoring philosophy of placing the best professional, academic, social and personal development of faculty, students and staff above all else.

selected publications
Academic Articles198
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Conference Papers135
  • Atrash, S., Dua, I., Buros, A. F., Van Rhee, F., Suva, L. J., Thanendrarajan, S., ... Zangari, M. (2019). FRAX is a robust predictor of baseline vertebral fractures in multiple myeloma patients.. Bone. 121, 134-138.
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