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Our laboratory conducts research in (1) the roles of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in growth and metastasis of cancer and application of MSCs for cancer treatment; (2) Molecular cues for regeneration of salivary glands; and (3) Molecular cues for development and regeneration of tooth root/periodontal tissues.

selected publications
Academic Articles13
  • Zhao, Q., Hai, B. o., Zhang, X., Xu, J., Koehler, B., & Liu, F (2020). Biomimetic nanovesicles made from iPS cell-derived mesenchymal stem cells for targeted therapy of triple-negative breast cancer.. Nanomedicine. 24, 102146-102146.
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  • Zhao, Q., Zhang, L., Hai, B. o., Wang, J., Baetge, C. L., Deveau, M. A., ... Liu, F. (2020). Transient Activation of the Hedgehog-Gli Pathway Rescues Radiotherapy-Induced Dry Mouth via Recovering Salivary Gland Resident Macrophages.. Cancer Res. 80(24), 5531-5542.
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  • Gaillard, D., Xu, M., Liu, F., Millar, S. E., & Barlow, L. A. (2015). -Catenin Signaling Biases Multipotent Lingual Epithelial Progenitors to Differentiate and Acquire Specific Taste Cell Fates.. PLoS Genet. (5),
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  • Zhao, Q., Gregory, C. A., Lee, R. H., Reger, R. L., Qin, L., Hai, B. o., ... Liu, F. (2015). MSCs derived from iPSCs with a modified protocol are tumor-tropic but have much less potential to promote tumors than bone marrow MSCs.. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 112(2), 530-535.
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  • Hai, B. o., Qin, L., Yang, Z., Zhao, Q., Shangguan, L., Ti, X., ... Liu, F (2014). Transient activation of hedgehog pathway rescued irradiation-induced hyposalivation by preserving salivary stem/progenitor cells and parasympathetic innervation.. Clin Cancer Res. 20(1), 140-150.
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  • Zhao, Q., & Liu, F. (2022). Derivation and Characterization of Mesenchymal Stem Cells from iPS Cells.. Methods Mol Biol. Methods in Molecular Biology. 443-454. Springer US.
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  • Liu, F. (2012). Functional Restoration of Salivary Glands After Radiotherapy: Roles of Wnt and Hedgehog Pathways. Hayat, M. A. (Eds.), Stem Cells and Cancer Stem Cells, Volume 8. 287-295. Springer Netherlands.
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