Comparative genomics and molecular cytogenetics of animals, birds and other vertebrates organization, function and evolution of sex chromosomes; equine genomics - genomics of genetic diseases and disorders of sexual development and reproduction; alpaca and camelid genomics.

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  • Muscatello, L. V., Oto, E. D., Dignazzi, M., Murphy, W. J., Porcellato, I., De Maria, R., ... Brunetti, B. (2021). HER2 Overexpression and Amplification in Feline Pulmonary Carcinoma.. Vet Pathol. 58(3), 527-530.
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  • Jevit, M. J., Davis, B. W., Castaneda, C., Hillhouse, A., Juras, R., Trifonov, V. A., ... Raudsepp, T. (2021). An 8.22 Mb Assembly and Annotation of the Alpaca (Vicugna pacos) Y Chromosome.. Genes (Basel). 12(1), 105-105.
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  • Donnelly, C. G., Bellone, R. R., Hales, E. N., Nguyen, A., Katzman, S. A., Dujovne, G. A., ... Finno, C. J. (2021). Generation of a Biobank From Two Adult Thoroughbred Stallions for the Functional Annotation of Animal Genomes Initiative.. Front Genet. 12, 650305.
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  • Raudsepp, T., Paria, N., & Chowdhary, B. P. (2013). The YChromosome. Equine Genomics. 73-92. Wiley.
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Conference Papers9
  • Rose, B., Smart, H., Wathes, C., Verheyen, K., Ghosh, S., Raudsepp, T., & de Mestre, A. (2017). PROFILING OF STRUCTURAL GENOMIC VARIANTS IN PLACENTAE FROM MARES THAT SUFFER EARLY PREGNANCY LOSS. PLACENTA. 57, 269-269.
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  • Duquesne, J. J., Orlando, L., Schubert, M., Ghosh, S., Raudsepp, T., Stout, T. A., & Chowdhary, B. P. (2016). A comprehensive gene catalog of the horse Y chromosome.. JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE. 94, 182-183.
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  • Ghosh, S., Das, P. J., Qu, Z., Fang, E., Arnold, C., Adelson, D. L., Chowdhary, B. P., & Raudsepp, T. (2012). Array CGH Studies in Equine Disorders of Sexual Development - SRY-Positive Sex Reversal and Cryptorchidism. CYTOGENETIC AND GENOME RESEARCH. 136(4), 329-330.
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