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Specializing in irrigation technology, water quality and water management, Dr. Fipps has devoted 25 years to improving irrigation efficiency, developing new technologies and promoting managing water use more efficiently. His accomplishments are many, and he has had a major impact on farm profitability and water conservation throughout north, central and south Texas.

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Academic Articles28
  • Zhang, L., Zhao, X., Ge, J., Zhang, J., Traore, S., Fipps, G., & Luo, Y. (2022). Evaluation of Five Equations for Short-Term Reference Evapotranspiration Forecasting Using Public Temperature Forecasts for North China Plain. WATER. 14(18), 2888-2888.
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  • Wu, X., Fipps, G., Zhang, F., Xu, L. i., & Fu, D. (2020). Design and Experiment of a Fertilizer Deep Applicator for Twin-row within One Ridge. AMA-AGRICULTURAL MECHANIZATION IN ASIA AFRICA AND LATIN AMERICA. 50(4), 13-19.
  • Traore, S., Zhang, L., Guven, A., & Fipps, G. (2020). Rice yield response forecasting tool (YIELDCAST) for supporting climate change adaptation decision in Sahel. AGRICULTURAL WATER MANAGEMENT. 239, 106242-106242.
  • Zhang, L., Traore, S., Cui, Y., Luo, Y., Zhu, G. e., Liu, B. o., ... Singh, V. (2019). Assessment of spatiotemporal variability of reference evapotranspiration and controlling climate factors over decades in China using geospatial techniques. AGRICULTURAL WATER MANAGEMENT. 213, 499-511.
  • Zhang, L., Traore, S., Ge, J., Li, Y., Wang, S., Zhu, G. e., Cui, Y., & Fipps, G. (2019). Using boosted tree regression and artificial neural networks to forecast upland rice yield under climate change in Sahel. COMPUTERS AND ELECTRONICS IN AGRICULTURE. 166, 105031-105031.
Conference Papers22
  • Dufek, J., Traore, S., Swanson, C., Fipps, G., & Murphy, R. (2019). Preventing Irrigation Canal Breaches Using Small Unmanned Aerial System with Multispectral Payload. 2019 IEEE INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON SAFETY, SECURITY, AND RESCUE ROBOTICS (SSRR), 2019 IEEE International Symposium on Safety, Security, and Rescue Robotics (SSRR). 00, 133-138.
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  • Dufek, J., Traore, S., Griffin, M., Murphy, R., & Fipps, G. (2017). Detection and localization of irrigation canal leaks using small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) at low altitudes. AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2017.
  • Swanson, C., & Fipps, G. (2015). Quantifying Water savings of homeowner irrigation programs. Joint ASABE/IA Irrigation Symposium 2015: Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Irrigation. 301-308.
  • Swanson, C., & Fipps, G. (2015). Six years of smart controller performance in Texas. Joint ASABE/IA Irrigation Symposium 2015: Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Irrigation. 338-350.
  • Swanson, C. L., & Fipps, G. (2013). Can ET-based irrigation controllers meet Texas landscape needs?. American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers Annual International Meeting 2013, ASABE 2013. 6, 5032-5050.
Repository Documents / Preprints10
  • Nielsen-Gammon, J. W., Fipps, G., Caldwell, T., McRoberts, D. B., & Conlee, D. (2017). Feasibility Study for Development of Statewide Evapotranspiration Network.
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  • Enciso, J., Porter, D., Bordovsky, J., & Fipps, G. Maintaining Subsurface Drip Irrigation Systems.
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