Dr. Elbashir is a professor at Texas A&M University at Qatar and the Director of the Fuel Research Center of Texas A&M University; a major research center that involves 19 faculty members from both the Qatar and College Station campuses of Texas A&M University. His research activities is focused on design of reactors and catalysts for Gas-to-Liquid (GTL) technology, petrochemical conversions, and CO2 utilization. In addition, Dr. Elbashir is the Director of Texas A&M Qatar Fuel Characterization Lab, a research lab that is supporting major research activities in the advancements of synthetic fuels and chemicals obtained from natural gas in collaboration with GE(Oil& Gas); OryxGTL; and Shell and world leading academic institutions.

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Academic Articles53
  • Hassan, N. O., Challiwala, M., Beshir, D. M., & Elbashir, N. O. (2022). Kinetics of Catalytic Decarboxylation of Naphthenic Acids over HZSM-5 Zeolite Catalyst. Catalysts. 12(5), 495-495.
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  • Chatla, A., Abu-Rub, F., Prakash, A. V., Ibrahim, G., & Elbashir, N. O. (2022). Highly stable and coke-resistant Zn-modified Ni-Mg-Al hydrotalcite derived catalyst for dry reforming of methane: Synergistic effect of Ni and Zn. Fuel. 308, 122042-122042.
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  • Afzal, S., Prakash, A., Littlewood, P., Choudhury, H., Khan Ghouri, Z., Mansour, S., ... Elbashir, N. (2021). Catalyst Deactivation by Carbon Deposition: The Remarkable Case of Nickel Confined by Atomic Layer Deposition. ChemCatChem. 13(13), 2988-3000.
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  • Rosli, M., Aziz, A., Ismael, M. A., Elbashir, N. O., Zainal A., E. Z., Baharom, M., & Mohammed, S. E. (2021). Experimental study of micro-explosion and puffing of gas-to-liquid (GTL) fuel blends by suspended droplet method. Energy. 218, 119462-119462.
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  • Challiwala, M. S., Choudhury, H. A., Wang, D., El-Halwagi, M. M., Weitz, E., & Elbashir, N. O. (2021). A novel CO2 utilization technology for the synergistic co-production of multi-walled carbon nanotubes and syngas.. Sci Rep. 11(1), 1417.
  • Elbashir, N. O., El-Halwagi, M. M., Economou, I. G., & Hall, K. R. (2018). Natural Gas Processing from Midstream to Downstream. Wiley.
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  • Malani, R. S., Moholkar, V. S., Elbashir, N. O., & Choudhury, H. A. (2021). Advancements of Cavitation Technology in Biodiesel Production from Fundamental Concept to Commercial ScaleUp. Liquid Biofuels. 39-76. Wiley.
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  • Challiwala, M. S., Afzal, S., Choudhury, H. A., Sengupta, D., El-Halwagi, M. M., & Elbashir, N. O. (2020). Alternative Pathways for CO2 Utilization via Dry Reforming of Methane. Advances in Carbon Management Technologies. 253-272. CRC Press.
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  • Alsuhaibani, A. S., Afzal, S., Challiwala, M., Elbashir, N. O., & El-Halwagi, M. M. (2019). Process Systems Engineering and Catalysis: A Collaborative Approach for the Development of Chemical Processes. Computer Aided Chemical Engineering. Computer Aided Chemical Engineering. 409-414. Elsevier.
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  • Kalakul, S., Zhang, L., Choudhury, H. A., Elbashir, N. O., Eden, M. R., & Gani, R. (2018). ProCAPD A Computer-Aided Model-Based Tool for Chemical Product Design and Analysis. Computer Aided Chemical Engineering. 13th International Symposium on Process Systems Engineering (PSE 2018). 469-474. Elsevier.
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  • Challiwala, M. S., Ghouri, M. M., Sengupta, D., El-Halwagi, M. M., & Elbashir, N. O. (2017). A Process Integration Approach to the Optimization of CO 2 Utilization via Tri-Reforming of Methane. Computer Aided Chemical Engineering. Computer Aided Chemical Engineering. 1993-1998. Elsevier.
Conference Papers38
  • Challiwala, M. S., Choudhury, H. A., Chatla, A., Sengupta, D., El-Halwagi, M. M., & Elbashir, N. (2019). Dry reforming of methane: An alternative Option for Carbon Capture. 19th Topical Conference on Gas Utilization 2019 - Topical Conference at the 2019 AIChE Spring Meeting and 15th Global Congress on Process Safety. 120.
  • El-Naas, M. H., Zacharia, R., Elbashir, N., Zhang, Z., & Dindoruk, B. (2018). Special issue (GPS, 2016): The Fifth International Gas Processing Symposium (Qatar). Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering. 55, 563-564.
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  • Afcal, S., Prakash, A., & Elbashir, N. (2018). Coking and sintering resistance of ALD catalyst for dry reforming of methane. 2nd Natural Gas Utilization Workshop 2018. 2.
  • Hussain, R., & Elbashir, N. O. (2015). Development of a multi-scale modeling approach for fixed-bed fischer tropsch reactor: Modeling and experimental verification. 18th Topical Conference on Refinery Processing 2015 - Topical Conference at the 2015 AIChE Spring Meeting and 11th Global Congress on Process Safety. 7-8.
  • Intikhab, S., Kalakul, S., Choudhury, H., Gani, R., & Elbashir, N. (2015). Systematic approach to design tailor made fuel blends that meets ASTM standards. Fuels and Petrochemicals Division 2015 - Core Programming Area at the 2015 AIChE Annual Meeting. 5-12.
  • Elbashir, N. O., & Roberts, C. B. (2004). Selective control of hydrocarbon product distribution in supercritical phase Fischer-Tropsch synthesis.. ACS National Meeting Book of Abstracts. 228(2), U177-U178.
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