Shawn Gibbs, PhD, MBA, CIH, is Dean of the Texas A&M University School of Public Health. Shawn has over a hundred articles in industrial hygiene and environmental exposure assessment, focusing on disrupting transmission of highly infectious diseases. He is a Member of USEPA Board of Scientific Counselors for Homeland Security. He was a U.S. Faculty Fulbright Scholar to Egypt and has been PI of three Fulbright Junior Faculty Development Programs (Egypt and Libya). His research has helped to determine national policies, procedure, and best practices for response to Ebola virus disease, COVID-19, and other highly infectious diseases. Shawn has held roles in organizations, such as National Ebola Training and Education Center, Hispanic Health Disparities Research Center, NIOSH funded Central States Center for Agricultural Safety and Health, and Director of Research for the CDC/DHHS funded Nebraska Biocontainment Unit. Shawn is heavily involved in national worker training programs in Hazardous Materials Disaster Preparedness Training and Hazardous Waste Worker Training. He is a national leader in the research, training, and policy related to national and international responses to highly infectious disease outbreaks, including developing procedures for aeromedical evacuation isolation.

selected publications
Academic Articles113
  • Herstein, J. J., Gibbs, S. G., Kupzyk, K. A., & Beam, E. L. (2022). Using a Critical Safety Behavior Scoring Tool for Just-in-Time Training for N95 Respirator Use. Workplace Health & Safety. 70(1), 31-36.
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  • Dixon, B. C., Fischer, R., Zhao, H., O’Neal, C. S., Clugston, J. R., & Gibbs, S. G. (2021). Contact and SARS-CoV-2 Infections Among College Football Athletes in the Southeastern Conference During the COVID-19 Pandemic. JAMA Network Open. 4(10), e2135566-e2135566.
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  • Herstein, J. J., Abdoulaye, A. A., Jelden, K. C., Le, A. B., Beam, E. L., Gibbs, S. G., ... Lowe, J. J. (2021). A pilot study of core body temperatures in healthcare workers wearing personal protective equipment in a high-level isolation unit. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Hygiene. 18(9), 430-435.
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  • DiLorenzo, M. A., Baker, C. A., Herstein, J. J., Evans, L., Lowe, J. J., Gibbs, S. G., & Bhadelia, N. (2021). Institutional policies and readiness in management of critical illness among patients with viral hemorrhagic fever.. Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol. 42(11), 1-6.
  • Beam, E. L., Herstein, J. J., Kupzyk, K. A., & Gibbs, S. G. (2020). A simulation approach to measure critical safety behaviors when evaluating training methods for respirator education in healthcare workers.. Am J Infect Control. 48(8), 869-874.
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Conference Papers5
  • Beam, E., Kupzyk, K., Herstein, J., & Gibbs, S. (2020). Using a Critical Safety Behavior Scoring Tool for N95 Respirator Use to Evaluate Training Interventions. Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology. 41(S1), s425-s425.
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  • Hurd, W. W., Gibbs, S. G., & Rudinsky, K. A. (2008). Differential regulation of myometrial prostaglandin production by changes in length.. Am J Obstet Gynecol. 198(2), 225.e1-225.e4.
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  • Mulla, Z. D., Gibbs, S. G., & Aronoff, D. M. (2007). Correlates of length of stay, cost of care, and mortality among patients hospitalized for necrotizing fasciitis.. Epidemiol Infect. 135(5), 868-876.
  • Gibbs, S. G., Sobieraj, J., Harris, M. D., Steele, H., Tarwater, P. M., & Ortiz, M. (2006). Comparison of nondeployable hearing profiles by Army component (Active Duty, National Guard, and Reserve) and by gender.. Mil Med. 171(10), 967-969.
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  • Mulla, Z. D., & Gibbs, S. G. (2005). Invasive group A streptococcal disease: Race, hypotension, and immunogenetics. ETHNICITY & DISEASE. 15(4), S63-S66.
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