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The research in my laboratory focuses on the study of cellular responses to mechano-chemical stresses from a biophysical perspective. Biophysics research represents an applied field of science at the interface of physics, biology, engineering, and medicine. Our lab uses live vascular cells as a model system because endothelial and smooth muscle cells reside 'in vivo' in a mechanically active environment that is continuously changing. Using real-time imaging of live cells is the only way to directly monitor cellular responses to mechano-chemical stimulation. Moreover, single-cell imaging experiments allow discrete measurements of transient microscopic events that may be masked by a macroscopic average behavior, and will aid in understanding such behavior.

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Academic Articles20
  • Li, X., Ni, Q., He, X., Kong, J., Lim, S., Papoian, G. A., ... Jiang, Y. i (2020). Tensile force-induced cytoskeletal remodeling: Mechanics before chemistry.. PLoS Comput Biol. 16(6), e1007693-e1007693.
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  • Woodman, C. R., Seawright, J. W., Luttrell, M. J., Shin, S. Y., & Trache, A (2018). Importance of mechanical signals in promoting exercise-induced improvements in vasomotor function of aged skeletal muscle resistance arteries.. Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol. 315(3), H602-H609.
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  • Seawright, J. W., Sreenivasappa, H., Gibbs, H. C., Padgham, S., Shin, S. Y., Chaponnier, C., ... Trache, A. (2018). Vascular Smooth Muscle Contractile Function Declines With Age in Skeletal Muscle Feed Arteries.. Front Physiol. 856.
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  • Seawright, J. W., Luttrell, M., Trache, A., & Woodman, C. R. (2016). Short-term increases in pressure and shear stress attenuate age-related declines in endothelial function in skeletal muscle feed arteries.. Eur J Appl Physiol. 116(7), 1305-1311.
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  • Sreenivasappa, H., Chaki, S. P., Lim, S., Trzeciakowski, J. P., Davidson, M. W., Rivera, G. M., & Trache, A. (2014). Selective regulation of cytoskeletal tension and cell-matrix adhesion by RhoA and Src.. Integr Biol (Camb). 6(8), 743-754.
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  • Trache, A., Massett, M. P., & Woodman, C. R (2020). Vascular smooth muscle stiffness and its role in aging.. STORE-OPERATED CALCIUM CHANNELS. Membrane Biomechanics. 217-253. Elsevier.
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  • Trache, A., Xie, L., Huang, H., Glinsky, V. V., & Meininger, G. A. (2018). Applications of Atomic Force Microscopy for Adhesion Force Measurements in Mechanotransduction.. Methods Mol Biol. Methods in Molecular Biology. 515-528. Springer New York.
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  • Sun, Z., Trache, A., Meissner, K., & Meininger, G. A (2012). Integration of AFM with Optical Microscopy Techniques. Atomic Force Microscopy in Liquid. 211-229. Wiley.
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  • Trache, A., & Meininger, G. A (2008). Total internal reflection fluorescence (TIRF) microscopy.. Current protocols in microbiology. Unit 2A.2.1-2A.2.22-2a.2.22. Wiley.
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  • Trache, A., & Meininger, G. A (2008). Atomic force microscopy (AFM).. Current protocols in microbiology. Unit-2C.2. Wiley.
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Conference Papers32
  • Shin, S. Y., Seawright, J., Trache, A., & Woodman, C (2020). Effect of Aging on Vascular Smooth Muscle Myogenic Contractility in Soleus Muscle Feed Arteries. The FASEB Journal. 34(S1), 1-1.
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  • Trache, A., Sreenivasappa, H., Padgham, S., Shin, S., Trzeciakowski, J., & Woodman, C. (2019). Vascular smooth muscle cells: Key players in arterial aging. ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY. 257,
  • Sreenivasappa, H., Bywaters, B., Padgham, S., Yi Shin, S., Trzeciakowski, J. P., Woodman, C. R., & Trache, A (2019). Aging Alters Functional Properties of Cell-Matrix Adhesions in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells. Biophysical Journal. 116(3), 261a-261a.
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  • Woodman, C., Seawright, J., Shin, S. Y., & Trache, A (2017). Effect of aging on vascular smooth muscle contractility in skeletal muscle resistance arteries. FASEB JOURNAL. 31,
  • Shin, S. Y., Seawright, J., Trache, A., & Woodman, C (2017). Exercise-like mechanical stimulation improves myogenic responses in aged skeletal muscle resistance arteries. FASEB JOURNAL. 31,
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