Li, Ying (Laura) individual record
Clinical Associate Professor

Dr. Li's research involves capacity, technology and inventory management, healthcare operations management, and data modeling for decision-making.

selected publications
Academic Articles7
  • Liao, Y. i., Li, J., Hu, X., Li, Y., & Shen, W. (2020). Application of Lateral Transshipment in Cost Reduction of Decentralized Systems. 12(12), 5081-5081.
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  • Li, Y., Liao, Y. i., Hu, X., & Shen, W. (2020). Lateral transshipment with partial request and random switching. 92, 102134-102134.
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  • Cai, Z., Li, Y., & Zhang, Y. Y (2020). A network-based approach to examine the impact of within-city industry agglomeration on total factor productivity. Quality Technology & Quantitative Management. (6), 738-746.
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  • Hu, X., Li, Y., Byon, E., & Barry Lawrence, F. (2015). Prioritizing regular demand while reserving capacity for emergency demand. European Journal of Operational Research. 247(2), 472-487.
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  • Baugh, R., & Li, Y. (2012). The impact of scheduling policies on surgical clinical access.. 27(6), 371-377.
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Ying (Laura)
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Texas A&M University; Dept Of Information & Operations Management; 4217 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-4217