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My research focuses on the intersections between law, literature, and culture.

selected publications
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  • Ayres, S (2020). Trauma-Informed Advocacy: Learning to Empathize with Unspeakable Horrors. William & Mary Journal of Race, Gender, and Social Justice. 26(2), 225-260.
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  • Ayres, S (2018). Claudia Rankine's 'Citizen': Documenting and Protesting America's Halting March Toward Racial Justice and Equality. Alabama Civil Rights & Civil Liberties Law Review. 9(2), 213-255.
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  • Ayres, S., & Manjunath, P (2012). Denial and Concealment of Unwanted Pregnancy: 'A Film Hollywood Dared Not Do'. Journal of Civil Rights and Economic Development. 26(2), 197-221.
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  • Ayres, P (2019). Teaching Criminal Law Issues in A Lesson Before Dying: “She Knew, As We All Knew, What the Outcome Would Be”. Wharton Lowe, J., & Beavers, H. (Eds.), Approaches to Teaching Gaines’s The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman and Other Works. 194-211. Modern Language Association.
  • Ayres, S. (2014). When Women Kill Newborns: The Rhetoric of Vulnerability. Cole, K. (Eds.), Feminist Challenges or Feminist Rhetorics? Locations, Scholarship, Discourse. 83-97. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
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  • Ayres, S. (2004). The Silent Voices of the Law. Meyer, M. J. (Eds.), Literature and Law. 21-36. Brill Rodopi.
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  • Ayres, S. (1999). Outlaw Against the Thinking Fathers. Herzog, A., & Kaufman, J. (Eds.), 149-162. Palgrave.
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