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Academic Articles102
  • Reyer, M., Hurlebaus, S., Mander, J., & Ozbulut, O. E. (2013). Design of a Wireless Sensor Network for Structural Health Monitoring of Bridges. Wireless Sensor Networks and Ecological Monitoring. (pp. 195-216). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
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  • Kim, Y., Langari, R., & Hurlebaus, S. (2011). Identification and control of large smart structures. Engineering Physics and Mechanics: Analyses, Prediction and Applications. (pp. 295-360).
  • Kim, Y., Hurlebaus, S., & Langari, R. (2009). Fuzzy Control of Large Civil Structures Subjected to Natural Hazards. Recent Advances in Intelligent Control Systems. (pp. 3-20). Springer London.
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Conference Papers58
  • Dobrovolny, C. S., Prodduturu, H. R., Arrington, D. R., Schulz, N., Hurlebaus, S., Rupp, J. D., & ASME, .. (2017). A BASE STUDY TO INVESTIGATE MASH CONSERVATIVENESS OF OCCUPANT RISK EVALUATION. 12,
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  • Dobrovolny, C. S., Prodduturu, H. R., Arrington, D. R., Schulz, N., Hurlebaus, S., & Rupp, J. D. (2016). A Base Study to Investigate MASH Conservativeness of Occupant Risk Evaluation. v012t16a014-v012t16a014.
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  • Zhang, J., Barroso, L. R., Hurlebaus, S., & Stubbs, N. (2015). Non-Destructive Evaluation Method Based On Dynamic Invariant Stress Resultants. CSNDD 2016 - INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON STRUCTURAL NONLINEAR DYNAMICS AND DIAGNOSIS. 24, 03003-03003.
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  • Jalinoos, F., White, J., Hurlebaus, S., Wimsatt, A., Sebesta, S., Miller, J. S., ... KITA, T. (2015). Transportation and Infrastructure Geophysics. 585-594.
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  • Karthik, M. M., Mander, J. B., & Hurlebaus, S. (2013). C-STM Modeling of Bridge Piers without and with ASR/DEF Deterioration. 447-456.
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  • Hurlebaus, S., & Mander, J. (2014). Traffic signal supporting structures and methods.
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