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Associate Professor and Extension Specialist

Dr. Treadwell's primary responsibility is to provide leadership and coordination of extension educational programs by transferring new technology and the latest scientific advances in rangeland ecology and management to landowners, Extension agents, clientele, specialists, youth, and other interested parties throughout District 7 and parts of District 2, 3, and 6. Her primary research objective is to disentangle the mechanisms that drive ecosystem structure and function in order to address important natural resource management issues. The current research interests involve integrated approaches for brush management, prescribed burning, livestock grazing management, population plant ecology, and youth natural resources education.

education and training
selected publications
Academic Articles15
  • Brady, M. K., Dickinson, M. B., Miesel, J. R., Wonkka, C. L., Kavanagh, K. L., Lodge, A. G., ... Hanan, E. J. (2022). Soil Heating in Fire (SheFire): A model and measurement method for estimating soil heating and effects during wildland fires.. Ecol Appl. 32(6), e2627.
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  • Starns, H. D., Wonkka, C. L., Dickinson, M. B., Lodge, A. G., Treadwell, M. L., Kavanagh, K. L., ... Rogers, W. E. (2022). Prosopis glandulosa persistence is facilitated by differential protection of buds during low- and high-energy fires.. J Environ Manage. 303, 114141-114141.
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  • Kelly Hoffman, J., Kyle, G. T., Treadwell, M. L., Patrick Bixler, R., & Kreuter, U. P. (2021). A Process-Oriented Model of Decision-Making toward Landscape-Scale Prescribed Fire Implementation in the Southern Great Plains, USA. Environmental Management. 68(6), 802-813.
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  • McDaniel, T. W., Wonkka, C. L., Treadwell, M. L., & Kreuter, U. P. (2021). Factors Influencing County Commissioners’ Decisions about Burn Bans in the Southern Plains, USA. Land. 10(7), 686-686.
  • Hiers, Q. A., Treadwell, M. L., Dickinson, M. B., Kavanagh, K. L., Lodge, A. G., Starns, H. D., ... Rogers, W. E. (2021). Grass bud responses to fire in a semiarid savanna system.. Ecol Evol. 11(11), 6620-6633.
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Internet Publications10
  • Baldwin, C., Bauman, P., Treadwell, M., Bielski, C., & Weir, J. (2019). Fire and Grasslands (MF3459).
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  • Brooke, C. T., & Treadwell, M. (2019). Managing Texas Juniper with Prescribed Burning (ERM-046).
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  • Treadwell, M., & Steffens, T. (2019). Stocking Rates: Infograph (ERM-048).
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  • Weir, J. R., Russell, M. L., Cram, D., Baldwin, C. E., Bauman, P., & Scasta, J. D. (2018). Wildfire: Preparing the Ranch and Farm (E-1048).
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  • Russell, M. L., Landers, R. Q., & Watkins, A. (2018). Native Plants for Edwards Plateau Landscapes (ERM-044).
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