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  • Kolos, K., Hennessy, A. M., Scielzo, N. D., Iacob, V. E., Hardy, J. C., Stoyer, M. A., ... Zhu, S. (2021). New approach to precisely measure γ-ray intensities for long-lived fission products, with results for the decay of 95Zr. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment. 1000, 165240-165240.
  • Horvat, V., Tereshatov, E. E., Hardy, J. C., Nica, N., Folden, C. M., Iacob, V. E., & Trzhaskovskaya, M. B. (2020). K -shell internal conversion coefficient for M4 decay of the 30.8 keV isomer in Nb93. Physical Review C. 102(1), 014310.
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  • Park, H. I., Hardy, J. C., Bencomo, M., Iacob, V. E., Towner, I. S., Macon, K. T., ... Kayani, A. (2020). Intensity of a weak 519-keV ray following decay of the superallowed emitter Ar34 determined via the S33 ( p, ) Cl34 reaction. Physical Review C. 102(4), 045502.
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  • Iacob, V. E., Hardy, J. C., Park, H. I., Bencomo, M., Chen, L., Horvat, V., ... Saastamoinen, A. (2020). New precise half-life measurement for the superallowed + emitter Ar34. Physical Review C. 101(1), 015504.
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  • Iacob, V. E., Hardy, J. C., Park, H. I., Bencomo, M., Chen, L., Horvat, V., ... Towner, I. S. (2020). Precise branching-ratio measurement for the 0+0+ superallowed decay of Ar34. Physical Review C. 101(4), 045501.
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Conference Papers56
  • Nica, N., Hardy, J. C., Iacob, V. E., Werke, T. A., Folden III, C. M., Pineda, L., & Trzhaskovskaya, M. B. (2017). Test of internal-conversion theory with a measurement in 111Cd. EPJ Web of Conferences. 146, 10004-10004.
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  • Hardy, J. C., & Towner, I. S. (2016). Vud from Nuclear Beta Decays. Proceedings of Science. 2016-November,
  • Hardy, J. C., Towner, I. S., Park, H. I., Iacob, V. E., Chen, L., Horvat, V., Nica, N., & Bencomo, M. (2015). Testing CVC and CKM Unitarity via superallowed nuclear beta decay. EPJ Web of Conferences. 93, 01001-01001.
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  • Hardy, J. C., & Towner, I. S. (2013). Measurement of Vud with 0+0+ nuclear beta decays. AIP Conference Proceedings, 11TH CONFERENCE ON THE INTERSECTIONS OF PARTICLE AND NUCLEAR PHYSICS: (CIPANP 2012). 1560(1), 109-113.
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  • Hardy, J. C. (2012). Superallowed nuclear beta decay: Precision measurements for basic physics. AIP Conference Proceedings, EXOTIC NUCLEI AND NUCLEAR/PARTICLE ASTROPHYSICS (IV). FROM NUCLEI TO STARS: Carpathian Summer School of Physics 2012. 1498(1), 106-114.
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  • Hardy, J. C., Geiger, J. S., & Schmeing, H. (1994). At energy can ltd AECL rep. Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, AECL (Report). (10908), 1-1.
  • Hardy, J. C., Horn, D., & Ward, D. (1984). TASCC - THE NEXT FIVE YEARS.. Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, AECL (Report).
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