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  • Bradbery, A. N., Coverdale, J. A., Hartz, C. J., Millican, A. A., Goehring, M. S., Fikes, K. K., ... Satterfield, M. C. (2021). Effect of maternal overnutrition on predisposition to insulin resistance in the foal: Maternal parameters and foal pancreas histoarchitecture.. Anim Reprod Sci. 106720-106720.
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  • Long, J. M., Trubenbach, L. A., Pryor, J. H., Long, C. R., Wickersham, T. A., Sawyer, J. E., & Satterfield, M. C. (2021). Maternal nutrient restriction alters endocrine pancreas development in fetal heifers.. Domest Anim Endocrinol. 106580-106580.
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  • Long, J. M., Trubenbach, L. A., Hobbs, K. C., Poletti, A. E., Steinhauser, C. B., Pryor, J. H., ... Satterfield, M. C. (2021). Maternal nutrient restriction in late pregnancy programs postnatal metabolism and pituitary development in beef heifers.. PLoS One. (4), e0249924-e0249924.
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  • Arnold, C. E., Pilla, R., Chaffin, M. K., Leatherwood, J. L., Wickersham, T. A., Callaway, T. R., ... Suchodolski, J. S. (2021). The effects of signalment, diet, geographic location, season, and colitis associated with antimicrobial use or Salmonella infection on the fecal microbiome of horses.. J Vet Intern Med. (5), 2437-2448.
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Conference Papers21
  • Millican, A. A., Leatherwood, J. L., Coverdale, J. A., Arnold, C. E., Bradbery, A. N., Fikes, K., ... Wickersham, T. A. (2018). 43 Evaluation of Dietary Trace Mineral Source on Markers of Cartilage Metabolism in Weanling Horses Challenged with Lipopolysaccharide.. Journal of Animal Science. 96(suppl_1), 22-23.
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  • Truelock, C. N., Sawyer, J. E., & Wickersham, T. A. (2018). 38 Effect of Forage Source on Digestion and Ruminal Fermentation in Limit-Fed Steers.. 96(suppl_1), 20-20.
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  • Stribling, E. J., Wickersham, T. A., Cardoso, R. C., & Sawyer, J. E. (2018). 93 Production and Economic Effects of Developing Heifers on Three Different Levels of Single Stair-Step Nutrition Programs.. 96(suppl_1), 49-50.
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  • Baber, J. R., Wickersham, T. A., Sawyer, J. E., Freetly, H. C., & Hales, K. E. (2018). 96 Effects of Diet Type on Nutrient Utilization and Energy Balance of Limit-Fed Bred Heifer in a Drylot.. 96(suppl_1), 50-51.
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  • Dunmire, K. M., Wickersham, T. A., Frenzel, L. L., Sprayberry, S. R., Joiner, L. C., Hernandez, L. P., ... Paulk, C. B. (2018). Effects of Adding Liquid Lactose or Molasses to Pelleted Swine Diets on Pellet Quality and Pig Performance.. 96, 74-74.
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