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Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist
education and training
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  • Ellis, G., Jorgensen, K., Jiang, J., & Locke, D. (2022). Evaluating Participant Experience Journeys: Peak-End Moments, Global Summaries, Dispersion, and Pattern. Journal of Park and Recreation Administration.
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  • Ellis, G. D., Locke, D., Jorgensen, K., Jiang, J., & Williams, M. (2022). Enriching Intentional Youth Program Experiences Through Preflection, Action, and Reflection. Journal of Youth Development. 17(1), 83-101.
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  • Ellis, G. D., Jiang, J., Locke, D., Freeman, P. A., & Jorgensen, K. (2022). Experience Journey Map: A New Experience Design Tool for Structuring Youth Activities. Journal of Youth Development. 17(1), 158-174.
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  • Ellis, G., Jiang, J., Locke, D., & Snider, C. (2021). Youth program activity impacts: A model of camp activities, psychological needs, and immersion. Children and Youth Services Review. 105842-105842.
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  • Ellis, G. D., Lacanienta, A., Zanolini, W. F., Locke, D., & Jiang, J. (2020). Mindful Learning Experiences Through Structured Reflections During a Youth Travel-Abroad Program. JOURNAL OF YOUTH DEVELOPMENT. 15(5), 172-185.
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  • Ellis, G., Skrocki, A., Locke, D., Freeman, P., Janes, K., Taggart, A., & Jiang, J. (2023). A curriculum for developing and training experience designers. Healthy Learning.
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