y laboratory is interested in determining the role of factors in normal development and how disruption of these pathways results in associated pathologies.

selected publications
Academic Articles56
  • Elswood, J., Pearson, S. J., Payne, H. R., Barhoumi, R., Rijnkels, M., & W Porter, W. (2021). Autophagy regulates functional differentiation of mammary epithelial cells.. Autophagy. 17(2), 420-438.
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  • Wyatt, G. L., Crump, L. S., Young, C. M., Wessells, V. M., McQueen, C. M., Wall, S. W., ... Lyons, T. R. (2019). Cross-talk between SIM2s and NFκB regulates cyclooxygenase 2 expression in breast cancer.. Breast Cancer Res. 21(1), 131.
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  • Pearson, S. J., Elswood, J., Barhoumi, R., Ming-Whitfield, B., Rijnkels, M., & Porter, W. W. (2019). Loss of SIM2s inhibits RAD51 binding and leads to unresolved replication stress.. Breast Cancer Res. 21(1), 125.
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  • Pearson, S. J., Roy Sarkar, T., McQueen, C. M., Elswood, J., Schmitt, E. E., Wall, S. W., ... Porter, W. W. (2019). ATM-dependent activation of SIM2s regulates homologous recombination and epithelial-mesenchymal transition.. Oncogene. 38(14), 2611-2626.
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  • McQueen, C. M., Schmitt, E. E., Sarkar, T. R., Elswood, J., Metz, R. P., Earnest, D., Rijnkels, M., & Porter, W. W. (2018). PER2 regulation of mammary gland development.. Development. 145(6), dev157966.
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Conference Papers4
  • Schmitt, E. E., Porter, W. W., & Lightfoot, J. T. (2015). Endocrine-disruption And The Regulation Of Physical Activity And Mammary Gland Development In Mice. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. 47(5S), 76-76.
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  • Rezaei, R., Dahanayaka, S., Porter, W. W., Burghardt, R. C., Johnson, G. A., Tian, Y., Bazer, F. W., & Wu, G. (2013). Preparation and culture of porcine mammary epithelial cells. AMINO ACIDS. 45(3), 605-605.
  • Scribner, K. C., & Porter, W. W. (2011). The bHLH/PAS transcription factor, Singleminded-2s (Sim2s), promotes breast tumor cell differentiation and inhibits metastasis. CLINICAL & EXPERIMENTAL METASTASIS. 28(2), 213-213.
  • Safe, S., Wang, F., Porter, W., Duan, R., & McDougal, A. (1998). Ah receptor agonists as endocrine disruptors: antiestrogenic activity and mechanisms.. Toxicol Lett. 102-103, 343-347.
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