My research focuses on the metabolic alterations underlying involuntary weight loss and muscle wasting in chronic inflammatory diseases, involving the use of stable isotope methodologies, and the effects of dietary modulation and exercise intervention to restore metabolism and physical performance in these patients.

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Academic Articles208
  • Deutz, N., Singer, P., Wierzchowska-McNew, R. A., Viana, M. V., Ben-David, I. A., Pantet, O., ... Berger, M. M. (2023). Females have a different metabolic response to critical illness, measured by comprehensive amino acid flux analysis.. Metabolism. 142, 155400-155400.
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  • Kirschner, S. K., Ghane, P., Park, J. K., Simbo, S. Y., Ivanov, I., Braga-Neto, U. M., ... Deutz, N. (2023). Short-chain fatty acid production in accessible and inaccessible body pools as assessed by novel stable tracer pulse approach is reduced by aging independent of presence of COPD.. Metabolism. 141, 155399-155399.
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  • Have, G., Thaden, J. J., Pereira, S. L., Engelen, M. P., & Deutz, N. E. (2023). -Hydroxy -Methylbutyric Acid (Hmb) Supplementation Stimulates Muscle Protein Synthesis In The Early Recovery Phase Of Sepsis In The Pig.. Clinical Nutrition ESPEN. 54, 482-483.
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  • Kang, M. C., Deutz, N. E., Have, G., Thaden, J. J., & Engelen, M. P. (2023). Aging In Older Adults Induces Changes In Arginine And Glutamine Kinetics, Partly Independent of The Presence of Comorbidities. Clinical Nutrition ESPEN. 54, 474-474.
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  • Knezek, S., Engelen, M. P., & Deutz, N. E. (2023). Branched-Chain Amino Acid Kinetics Are Not Sex Specific In Prediabetes. Clinical Nutrition ESPEN. 54, 568-569.
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Conference Papers40
  • Attaway, A., Welch, N., Dasarathy, D., Amaya-Hughley, J., Engelen, M. P., Zein, J. G., ... Dasarathy, S. (2022). Acute Skeletal Muscle Loss in Patients with SARS-CoV-2 Infection Contributes to Poor Clinical Outcomes Including Mortality. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF RESPIRATORY AND CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE, C47. PREDICTORS OF COVID OUTCOMES. 205, a4293-a4293.
  • Attaway, A., Lopez, R., Hatipoglu, U. S., Zein, J. G., Biehl, M., Engelen, M. P., & Dasarathy, S. (2022). COPD-Related Sarcopenia Is a Major Public Health Issue That Increases the Risk for Mortality. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF RESPIRATORY AND CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE, C50. EMERGING EPI IN OBSTRUCTIVE AND RESTRICTIVE LUNG DISEASE. 205, a4322-a4322.
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  • Attaway, A., Sekar, J., Mishra, S., Bellar, A., Welch, N., Deutz, N., Engelen, M., & Dasarathy, S. (2022). Prolonged intermittent hypoxia causes reductions in protein synthesis and sarcopenia associated with upregulation of the Hexosamine Biosynthesis Pathway in models of COPD. GLYCOBIOLOGY. 32(11), 1000-1000.
  • Attaway, A., Welch, N., Yadav, R., Bellar, A., Hatipoglu, U. S., Meli, Y., ... Dasarathy, S. (2021). Quantitative CT Assessment of Pectoralis and Erector Spinae Muscle Area and Disease Severity in COPD. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF RESPIRATORY AND CRITICAL CARE MEDICINE, TP41. TP041 DIAGNOSIS AND RISK ASSESSMENT IN COPD. 203(9), a2289-a2289.
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  • Attaway, A., Welch, N., Engelen, M., Tabbalat, R., Ragunathan, J., Singh, S. S., ... Attaway, A. (2021). Intermittent hypoxia causes skeletal muscle protein OGlc-Nacylation: A potential mediator of sarcopenia in COPD. GLYCOBIOLOGY. 31(12), 1712-1713.
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