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  • Lasco, J., Olivera, F., & Sharif, H. O. (2022). Unit Hydrograph Peak Rate Factor Estimation for Texas Watersheds. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering. 27(11), 04022026.
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  • do Lago, C., Hofheinz Giacomoni, M., Olivera, F., & Mário Mendiondo, E. (2021). Assessing the Impact of Climate Change on Transportation Infrastructure Using the Hydrologic-Footprint-Residence Metric. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering. 26(5), 04021014-04021014.
  • Berke, P. R., Quiring, S. M., Olivera, F., & Horney, J. A. (2021). Addressing Challenges to Building Resilience Through Interdisciplinary Research and Engagement.. Risk Anal. (7), 1248-1253.
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  • Han, J., Olivera, F., & Kim, D. (2021). An Algorithm of Spatial Composition of Hourly Rainfall Fields for Improved High Rainfall Value Estimation. KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering. 25(1), 356-368.
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  • Kulat, M. I., Mohtar, R. H., & Olivera, F. (2019). Holistic Water-Energy-Food Nexus for Guiding Water Resources Planning: Matagorda County, Texas Case. Frontiers in Environmental Science. 7(FEB), 3.
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Conference Papers10
  • Lasco, J., Olivera, F., & Sharif, H. O. (2021). Unit Hydrograph Peak Rate Factor Estimation for Houston Watersheds. WORLD ENVIRONMENTAL AND WATER RESOURCES CONGRESS 2021: PLANNING A RESILIENT FUTURE ALONG AMERICA'S FRESHWATERS. 535-544.
  • Irish, J. L., Ferreira, C., Resio, D. T., Olivera, F., & Hsu, C. H. (2012). Hurricane hazard assessment: Considerations for sea-level rise and climate change. Proceedings of the Coastal Engineering Conference.
  • Irish, J. L., Ferreira, C., Olivera, F., Udoh, I., Song, Y. K., & Chang, K. (2011). RAPID PROBABILISTIC HURRICANE SURGE AND DAMAGE FORECASTING USING SURGE RESPONSE FUNCTIONS. Coastal Engineering Proceedings. 1(32), 20-20.
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  • Govindasamy, A. V., Briaud, J., Kim, D., Olivera, F., Gardoni, P., & Delphia, J. (2010). Observational Method for Estimating Future Scour Depth at Existing Bridges. Scour and Erosion, International Conference on Scour and Erosion (ICSE-5) 2010. (210 GSP), 41-65.
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  • Ferreira, C., Olivera, F., & Djokic, D. (2010). Development of Large Topographic Datasets for Hydrologic Analysis. World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2010, World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2010. 2772-2780.
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