My research focuses on the development of tailored solutions for service industries that experience high uncertainty in timing and magnitude of supply and demand. More specifically, my research optimizes the allocation of resources for healthcare and humanitarian applications.

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Academic Articles9
  • Le, T., Stauffer, J., Shetty, B., & Sriskandarajah, C. (2022). An optimization framework for analyzing dual-donor organ exchange. PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT. 32(3), 740-761.
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  • Cho, D. D., & Stauffer, J. M. (2022). Tele-medicine question response service: Analysis of benefits and costs *. OMEGA-INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCE. 111, 102664-102664.
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  • Stauffer, J. M., Vanajakumari, M., Kumar, S., & Mangapora, T. (2022). Achieving equitable food security: How can food bank mobile pantries fill this humanitarian need. PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT. 31(4), 1802-1821.
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  • Stauffer, J. M., Megahed, A., & Sriskandarajah, C. (2021). Elasticity management for capacity planning in software as a service cloud computing. IISE TRANSACTIONS. 53(4), 407-424.
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  • Stauffer, J. M., & Kumar, S. (2021). Impact of Incorporating Returns into Pre-Disaster Deployments for Rapid-Onset Predictable Disasters. PRODUCTION AND OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT. 30(2), 451-474.
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Repository Documents / Preprints2
  • Le, T., Stauffer, J. M., Shetty, B., & Sriskandarajah, C. (2021). An Optimization Framework for Analyzing Dual-Donor Organ Exchange.
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  • Stauffer, J. M., Martinez, A. P., Yan, L. u., & Van Wassenhove, L. N. (2017). Asset Supply Networks in Humanitarian Operations: A Combined Empirical-Simulation Approach.
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