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Dr. Wilson's research program is broad-based and focuses on the theory and application of quantitative principles as they pertain to agroecosystem management. His current research largely focuses on rice, energycane, and high biomass sorghum cropping systems management. He has extensive expertise in field experimental design and analysis, in the development of soils, road network, and cropland databases, and in the development of physiologically based food, feed, fiber, and bioenergy crop models.

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  • Asseng, S., Zhu, Y., Basso, B., Wilson, T., & Cammarano, D. (2014). Simulation Modeling: Applications in Cropping Systems. Encyclopedia of Agriculture and Food Systems. (pp. 102-112). Academic Press.
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  • Anders, M., Hill, J. E., Mutters, R. G., & Wilson, L. T. (2013). Horticulture, Physiology, Soil and Water Relations. Espino, L. A., Fischer, A. J., Godfrey, L. D., Greer, C. A., Hill, J. E., Marsh, R. E., & Mutters, R. G. (Eds.), Integrated Pest Management for Rice. (pp. 3-10). The Regents of the University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources.
  • Moon, R. D., & Wilson, L. (2008). Sampling for detection, estimation and IPM decision making. Integrated Pest Management: Concepts, Tactics, Strategies and Case Studies. (pp. 75-89). Cambridge University Press.
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  • Wilson, L. T. (2002). IPM Evolution and Integrated Cropping System Management. Pimentel, D. (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Pest Management. CRC Press.
  • FLAHERTY, D. L., & WILSON, L. T. (1999). Biological Control of Insects and Mites on Grapes. Fisher, T. W. (Eds.), Handbook of Biological Control. (pp. 853-869). Academic Press.
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