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  • Nava-Trujillo, H., Valeris-Chacin, R., Morgado-Osorio, A., Hernndez, J., Caamao, J., & Quintero Moreno, A. (2021). Probability of pregnancy before ninety days postpartum in water buffaloes. Archivos Latinoamericanos de Produccin Animal. 30(1), 29-34.
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  • Valeris-Chacin, R., Pieters, M., Hwang, H., Johnson, T. J., & Singer, R. S. (2021). Association of Broiler Litter Microbiome Composition and Campylobacter Isolation.. Front Vet Sci. 8, 654927.
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  • Groene, E. A., Valeris-Chacin, R. J., Stadelman, A. M., Safo, S. E., & Cusick, S. E. (2021). Maternal HIV and child anthropometric outcomes over time: an analysis of Zimbabwe demographic health surveys.. AIDS. 35(3), 477-484.
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  • Valeris-Chacin, R., Sponheim, A., Fano, E., Isaacson, R., Singer, R. S., Nerem, J., Leite, F. L., & Pieters, M. (2021). Relationships among Fecal, Air, Oral, and Tracheal Microbial Communities in Pigs in a Respiratory Infection Disease Model.. Microorganisms. 9(2), 252-252.
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  • Gravagna, K., Becker, A., Valeris-Chacin, R., Mohammed, I., Tambe, S., Awan, F. A., Toomey, T. L., & Basta, N. E. (2020). Global assessment of national mandatory vaccination policies and consequences of non-compliance.. Vaccine. 38(49), 7865-7873.
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Robert Jose
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Valeris Chacin