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Zelenko, Igor individual record
Associate Professor

The main direction of my current research is the construction of canonical frames and differential invariants for a wide class of geometric structures and control systems on manifolds.

selected publications
Academic Articles39
  • Sykes, D., & Zelenko, I. (2020). A canonical form for pairs consisting of a Hermitian form and a self-adjoint antilinear operator. LINEAR ALGEBRA AND ITS APPLICATIONS. 590, 32-61.
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  • Jean, F., Maslovskaya, S., & Zelenko, I. (2019). On projective and affine equivalence of sub-Riemannian metrics. GEOMETRIAE DEDICATA. 203(1), 279-319.
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  • Jean, F., Maslovskaya, S., & Zelenko, I. (2017). Inverse Optimal Control Problem: the Sub-Riemannian Case. IFAC-PapersOnLine. 50(1), 500-505.
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  • Hein, N., Sottile, F., & Zelenko, I. (2017). A Congruence Modulo Four for Real Schubert Calculus with Isotropic Flags. CANADIAN MATHEMATICAL BULLETIN-BULLETIN CANADIEN DE MATHEMATIQUES. 60(2), 309-318.
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  • Huang, Y., Sottile, F., & Zelenko, I. (2017). Injectivity of Generalized Wronski Maps. CANADIAN MATHEMATICAL BULLETIN-BULLETIN CANADIEN DE MATHEMATIQUES. 60(4), 747-761.
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Conference Papers3
  • Yan, M., Sprintson, A., Zelenko, I., & IEEE, .. (2014). Weakly Secure Data Exchange with Generalized Reed Solomon Codes. 2014 IEEE INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON INFORMATION THEORY (ISIT). 1366-1370.
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  • Doubrov, B., & Zelenko, I. (2014). On geometry of affine control systems with one input. GEOMETRIC CONTROL THEORY AND SUB-RIEMANNIAN GEOMETRY. 4, 133-152.
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  • Agrachev, A., & Zelenko, I. (2000). Principal invariants of Jacobi curves. ADVANCES IN COOPERATIVE CONTROL AND OPTIMIZATION. 258, 9-21.
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