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Ayman Elzohairy is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Engineering and Technology at TAMU-Commerce. He received his doctorate in civil/structural engineering from the University of Missouri-Columbia. His research focus is on material testing, steel-concrete composite structures, experimental testing and numerical analysis of structural elements, and performance and strengthening of steel-concrete composite bridges. His research has been presented in several articles published in ASCE journals and conference proceedings. Ayman is a Professional Engineer (PE) with the Texas Board of Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors (PELS). His industrial experiences are mainly focused on structural analysis and design of high-rise buildings and bridges. He has a broad range of teaching experience. Dr. Elzohairy is teaching Structural Analysis and Design courses. Besides, he is very interested in teaching Civil Engineering courses like: Engineering Hydrology and Hydraulic, Surveying for Construction, and AutoCAD courses.

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Academic Articles30
  • El-Zohairy, A., Sanchez, M., Abediniangerabi, B., & Moler, P. (2023). Performance of Rubberized Concrete and the Effect of Temperature and Stainless Steel Fibers. Buildings. 13(2), 280-280.
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  • Allawi, A. A., Shubber, A. N., Gharawi, M. A., ElZohairy, A., Ibrahim, T. H., AlAhmed, A., & Arafa, I. T. (2022). Enhancement of RC Tbeams toughness using laced stirrups reinforcement for blast response predictions. Structural Concrete.
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  • Emara, M., El-Zohairy, A., Fekry, M., & Husain, M. (2022). Effect of Using ECC Layer on the Flexural Performance of RC Beams Previously Strengthened with EB CFRP Laminates. Sustainability. 14(24), 16990-16990.
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  • Ibrahim, T. H., Allawi, A. A., & El-Zohairy, A. (2022). Experimental and FE analysis of composite RC beams with encased pultruded GFRP I-beam under static loads. Advances in Structural Engineering. 26(3), 516-532.
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  • Mahmood, E. M., Allawi, A. A., & El-Zohairy, A. (2022). Analysis and Residual Behavior of Encased Pultruded GFRP I-Beam under Fire Loading. Sustainability. 14(20), 13337-13337.
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  • Allawi, A. A., Said, A. I., Al-Sherrawi, M. H., Albayati, A., Al Gharawi, M., & El-Zohairy, A. (2022). Evaluation of Live Load Distribution Factors of a Highway Bridge. Geotechnical Engineering and Sustainable Construction. 531-543. Springer Nature.
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Conference Papers14
  • Van, M., & El-Zohairy, A. (2022). Stainless Steel-Concrete Composite Beams Strengthened with External Tendons. Structures Congress 2022, Structures Congress 2022. 189-201.
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  • Alsharari, F., El-Zohairy, A., Salim, H., & Mutnbak, M. (2020). Fatigue Testing of Post-Tensioned Steel-Concrete Composite Beams. Structures Congress 2020, Structures Congress 2020. 137-143.
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  • El-Zohairy, A., Alsharari, F., Salim, H., Mustafa, S., & Shabaan, H. (2020). Fatigued Composite Beam with Different Shear Connection Arrangement. Structures Congress 2020, Structures Congress 2020. 130-136.
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  • El-Zohairy, A., Salim, H., & Saucier, A. (2019). Effect of Externally Post-Tensioned Tendons on the Fatigue Behavior of Steel-Concrete Composite Beams. Structures Congress 2019, Structures Congress 2019. 11-19.
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  • Allawi, A., Al-Sherrawi, M., Al Gharawi, M., & El-Zohairy, A. (2018). A Case Study to Evaluate Live Load Distributions for Pre-stressed RC Bridge. 73-85.
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