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I have taught a number of courses in taxation at Texas A&M including Introductory Taxation at the undergraduate level and Estate Planning, Taxation of Partnerships and Partners, Taxation of Corporations and S Corporations and Shareholders and Taxation of Executive Compensation in the Professional Program. My research focuses on taxation and auditing, tax avoidance, taxation of executive compensation, payroll taxation, and taxation of banks,

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  • Beardsley, E. L., Lassila, D. R., & Omer, T. C. (2019). How Do Audit Offices Respond to Audit Fee Pressure? Evidence of Increased Focus on Nonaudit Services and their Impact on Audit Quality. CONTEMPORARY ACCOUNTING RESEARCH. 36(2), 999-1027.
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  • Kilpatrick PhD., CPA, B., & Lassila, D. R. (2018). Compensation vs. Qualified Dividends for Shareholder-Employees After the TCJA. 129(1),
  • Lassila, D. R., Smith, M., & Zhang, D. D. (2018). Negative Social and Economic Effects of the Marriage Penalty Tax on Women and Society. 18(5),
  • Clemons, R., & Lassila, D. R. (2012). Choice of entity issues: Single-member LLCs vs. 'Regular' sole proprietorships. 117(5), 259-269.
  • Kilpatrick, B., & Lassila, D. R. (2017). Bender's Payroll Tax Guide. Matthew Bender.
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Texas A&M University; Head Of Accounting; 4353 TAMU
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