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My research interests include information theory and coding theory, data storage, machine learning, networks and algorithm design.

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Academic Articles19
  • Gad, E. E., Li, Y., Kliewer, J., Langberg, M., Jiang, A. A., & Bruck, J. (2016). Asymmetric Error Correction and Flash-Memory Rewriting Using Polar Codes. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory. 62(7), 4024-4038.
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  • Zhou, H., Schwartz, M., Jiang, A. A., & Bruck, J. (2014). Systematic Error-Correcting Codes for Rank Modulation. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory. 61(1), 17-32.
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  • Dolecek, L., Blaum, M., Bruck, J., Jiang, A. A., Ramchandran, K., & Vasic, B. (2014). Guest Editorial Communication Methodologies for the Next-Generation Storage Systems. IEEE JOURNAL ON SELECTED AREAS IN COMMUNICATIONS. 32(5), 809-814.
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  • Salajegheh, M., Wang, Y., Jiang, A., Learned-Miller, E., & Fu, K. (2013). Half-Wits: Software Techniques for Low-Voltage Probabilistic Storage on Microcontrollers with NOR Flash Memory. ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems. 12(2s), 91-25.
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  • Jiang, A., Langberg, M., Schwartz, M., & Bruck, J. (2013). Trajectory Codes for Flash Memory. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory. 59(7), 4530-4541.
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Conference Papers71
  • Upadhyaya, P., & Jiang, A. (2019). Representation-Oblivious Error Correction by Natural Redundancy. 2006 IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMMUNICATIONS, VOLS 1-12. 00, 1-7.
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  • Jiang, A. (2018). Elimination of Cyclic Stopping Sets for Enhanced Decoding of LDPC Codes. 2014 IEEE INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON INFORMATION THEORY (ISIT). 00, 821-825.
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  • Upadhyaya, P., & Jiang, A. (2017). On LDPC Decoding with Natural Redundancy. 2018-January, 680-687.
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  • Jiang, A., Upadhyaya, P., Wang, Y., Narayanan, K. R., Zhou, H., Sima, J., & Bruck, J. (2017). Stopping Set Elimination for LDPC Codes. 2019 57TH ANNUAL ALLERTON CONFERENCE ON COMMUNICATION, CONTROL, AND COMPUTING (ALLERTON). 2018-January, 700-707.
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Anxiao (Andrew)
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Texas A&M University; Computer Science & Engineering; 3112 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-3112