Develop a competitive and extramurally funded research program in the area of crop water use, water use efficiency, and abiotic and biotic stress resistance in major field crops in the Texas High Plains. The overall goal of my research program is to provide selection tools for breeders and geneticists and management tools for agronomists and producers, through better understanding the physiological mechanisms of crop performance under stress conditions. The major research focuses include understanding physiological and molecular mechanisms of drought tolerance, identifying plant traits conferring to stress tolerance, understanding the interactions of abiotic and biotic stresses, evaluating and developing field phenotyping tools, and developing management strategies under stress conditions. Advise graduate student research.

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  • Hou, X., Xue, Q., Jessup, K. E., Zhang, Y., Blaser, B., Stewart, B. A., & Baltensperger, D. D. (2021). Effect of nitrogen supply on stay-green sorghum in differing post-flowering water regimes. Planta. 254(4), 63.
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  • Hu, L., Pan, X., Wang, X., Hu, Q. i., Wang, X., Zhang, H., Xue, Q., & Song, M. (2021). Cotton photosynthetic productivity enhancement through uniform row‐spacing with optimal plant density in Xinjiang, China. Crop Science. 61(4), 2745-2758.
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  • Dhakal, S., Liu, X., Girard, A., Chu, C., Yang, Y., Wang, S., ... Liu, S. (2021). Genetic dissection of end‐use quality traits in two widely adapted wheat cultivars ‘TAM 111’ and ‘TAM 112’. Crop Science. 61(3), 1944-1959.
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  • Thapa, S., Rudd, J. C., Jessup, K. E., Liu, S., Baker, J. A., Devkota, R. N., & Xue, Q. (2021). Middle portion of the wheat culm remobilizes more carbon reserve to grains under drought. Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science.
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  • Carroll, P., Hirvikoski, T., Lindholm, C., & Thorell, L. B. (2021). Group-based emotion regulation skills training for adults with ADHD: a feasibility study in an outpatient psychiatric setting.. Appl Neuropsychol Adult. 113(1), 1-12.
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Conference Papers1
  • Lazar, M. D., Piccinni, G., Xue, Q., Wang, W. C., Salisbury, C. D., & Saulescu, N. N. (1997). Yield variation among closely-related wheat lines under water stress is related to root length.. PLANT PHYSIOLOGY. 114(3), 464-464.
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