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Our research involves trying to understand chemical reactivity on a microscopic quantum-state resolved level. We focus on isolated molecules in the gas-phase to develop a detailed description of the factors which influence the rates, energy disposal, and final products in a reaction. In order to address these issues we use lasers to carefully control the preparation of excited molecules and to probe all the properties of the reaction products. chemical reactivity on a microscopic quantum-state resolved level. Our specific interests include understanding atmospheric photochemistry, the tropospheric oxidation of biogenic hydrocarbons, and laser diagnostic development for flow field characterization. The laboratory contains equipment to perform state-of-the-art experiments in chemical dynamics and kinetics and is associated with several interdisciplinary University Research Centers. Our photochemistry experiments combine molecular beam and state-resolved ionization techniques with position-sensitive ion imaging to determine the identity and energy content of photochemical products in the absence of secondary collisions. Studies focus on the photodissociation of jet-cooled radicals of atmospheric relevance and preliminary results have already stimulated collaboration with several theoretical groups. The experiments provide a stringent test for modern theory and allow assessment of the impact that the photochemistry has on atmospheric modeling.

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