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Instructional Associate Professor, Director of Instructional Effectiveness
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Academic Articles28
  • Webb, P., Taylor, R. W., & Reuben, J. S (2021). A Dental Student’s Perspective of Mid-level Providers in the Oral Healthcare Team. Medical Science Educator. 31(2), 885-887.
  • Reuben, J. S., Crawley, W. T., Webb, P., den Brok, K. F., Woodburn, E., Montemayor, J. R., ... Dickinson, B. L. (2021). Correction to: IAMSE Meeting Report: Student Plenary at the 24th Annual Conference of the International Association of Medical Science Educators.. Med Sci Educ. (1),
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  • Bauer, D., Redmon, N., Mazzio, E., Taka, E., Reuben, J. S., Day, A., ... Darling-Reed, S. (2015). Diallyl disulfide inhibits TNF induced CCL2 release through MAPK/ERK and NF-Kappa-B signaling.. Cytokine. (1),
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  • DarlingReed, S. F., NkrumahElie, Y., Hudson, A., FloresRozas, H., Jett, M., Hammamieh, R., ... Reuben, J. S. (2013). Alterations in Benzo(a)pyrene induced DNA damage via Organosulfide Compounds in MCF10A cells. The FASEB Journal. (S1), 1104.7.
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  • Lacy, E. S., McCann, A. L., Miller, B. H., Solomon, E., & Reuben, J. S (2012). Achieving student diversity in dental schools: a model that works.. J Dent Educ. 76(5), 523-533.
  • Reuben, J., Guo, R., & Ward, P (2004). Mediators of Lung Inflammation. Oxygen/Nitrogen Radicals. 91-110. CRC Press.
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Conference Papers1
  • Newell, O. G., Taylor, L., Hudson, A., DarlingReed, S., Reams, R., Oriakiu, E., & Reuben, J. (2010). Diallyl Sulfide inhibits Diethystilbestrol induced Breast Tumor in Female ACI rats. The FASEB Journal. 24(S1), lb498-lb498.
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