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Academic Articles23
  • Eberth, J. M., Huber, J. C., & Rene, A (2010). Breast cancer screening practices and correlates among American Indian and Alaska native women in California, 2003.. Womens Health Issues. 20(2), 139-145.
  • Griesenbeck, J. S., Brender, J. D., Sharkey, J. R., Steck, M. D., Huber, J. C., Rene, A. A., ... National Birth Defects Prevention Study. (2010). Maternal characteristics associated with the dietary intake of nitrates, nitrites, and nitrosamines in women of child-bearing age: a cross-sectional study.. Environ Health. 9(1), 10.
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  • Griesenbeck, J. S., Steck, M. D., Huber, J. C., Sharkey, J. R., Rene, A. A., & Brender, J. D. (2009). Development of estimates of dietary nitrates, nitrites, and nitrosamines for use with the Short Willet Food Frequency Questionnaire.. Nutr J. 8(1), 16.
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  • Shah, D. J., Shipp, E. M., Cooper, S. P., Huber, J. C., del Junco, D. J., Rene, A. A., & Moore, J. S (2009). Hand problems in migrant farmworkers.. J Agric Saf Health. 15(2), 157-169.
  • Conway, B., & Rene, A (2004). Obesity as a disease: no lightweight matter.. Obes Rev. 5(3), 145-151.
  • Jones, W., & Rene, A. A. (1994). Barriers to health services utilization and African Americans. Livingston, I. L. (Eds.), Handbook of Black American Health The Mosaic of Conditions, Issues, Policies, and Prospects. 378-386. Greenwood Publishing Group.
Conference Papers1
  • Ren, A. A., Viera, E., Jiles, R., & Daniels, D. E. (1995). Organ donation awareness: knowledge, attitudes and beliefs in a Puerto Rican population.. Transplant Proc. 27(2), 1893-1896.
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