Bullard, Delbert individual record
TTI Senior Research Engineer
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Conference Papers4
  • Jepperson, O. W., Williams, W. F., Albin, R. B., & Bullard, D. L. (2005). Deception pass log rail in Washington State. HIGHWAY FACILITY DESIGN. 1904(1904), 54-64.
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  • Sheikh, N. M., Alberson, D. C., & Bullard, D. L. (2005). Development of hybrid energy-absorbing reusable terminal for roadside safety applications. HIGHWAY FACILITY DESIGN. 1904(1904), 26-36.
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  • Alberson, D. C., Bligh, R. P., Buth, C. E., & Bullard, D. L. (2003). Cable and wire rope barrier design considerations - Review. HIGHWAY AND FACILITY DESIGN 2003. 1851(1851), 95-104.
  • Albin, R. B., Bullard, D. L., & Menges, W. L. (2001). Washington state cable median barrier. HYDROLOGY, HYDRAULICS, AND WATER QUALITY; ROADSIDE SAFETY FEATURES. 1743(1743), 71-79.
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  • Brackin, M. S., Alberson, D. C., Bligh, R. P., & Bullard, D. (2022). Single anchor terminal.
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  • Alberson, D. C., Bullard, D., Buth, C. E., Bligh, R. P., & Abuy-Odeh, A. Y. (2020). Tension end treatment for guardrail safety system.
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  • Brackin, M., Alberson, D., Bullard Jr., L., Norris, R., Ackerman, C., Moffett, D., & Kowalski, J. (2016). Surface mount wedge barrier.
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