Dr. Doro has a great interest in the development and application of simulation models to agro-ecosystems at field and small watershed scale to assess their performances, sustainability, and dynamics considering factors such as the conservation of natural resources and the impact of climate change while defining possible adaptation and mitigation strategies.

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Academic Articles37
  • Doro, L., Wang, X., Ammann, C., De Antoni Migliorati, M., Grünwald, T., Klumpp, K., ... Norfleet, M. L. (2021). Improving the simulation of soil temperature within the EPIC model. Environmental Modelling & Software. 144, 105140-105140.
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  • Zhao, J., Zhang, X., Yang, Y., Zang, H., Yan, P., Meki, M. N., ... Zeng, Z (2021). Alternative cropping systems for groundwater irrigation sustainability in the North China Plain. Agricultural Water Management. 250, 106867-106867.
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  • Jang, W. S., Neff, J. C., Im, Y., Doro, L., & Herrick, J. E. (2021). The Hidden Costs of Land Degradation in US Maize Agriculture. Earth's Future. 9(2),
  • Lozano-García, B., Francaviglia, R., Renzi, G., Doro, L., Ledda, L., Benítez, C., González-Rosado, M., & Parras-Alcántara, L. (2020). Land use change effects on soil organic carbon store. An opportunity to soils regeneration in Mediterranean areas: Implications in the 4p1000 notion. Ecological Indicators. 119, 106831-106831.
  • Sándor, R., Ehrhardt, F., Grace, P., Recous, S., Smith, P., Snow, V., ... Bellocchi, G. (2020). Ensemble modelling of carbon fluxes in grasslands and croplands. Field Crops Research. 252, 107791-107791.
Conference Papers1
  • McKenna, O. P., Osorio, J. M., Behrman, K. D., Doro, L., & Mushet, D. M. (2020). Development of a novel framework for modeling field-scale conservation effects of depressional wetlands in agricultural landscapes. Journal of Soil and Water Conservation. 75(6), 695-703.
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