NLP (natural language processing) integration into AR (augmented) and VR (virtual) reality environments.

VR and AR research in training optimization and safety improvement for HRI (Human Robot interface)

Robotic application to manufacturing environments. Ex sanding, loading/unloading, human-robot interaction, swarming to enable complex task completion

Biomedical robotic application for limb replacement and control.

Datacenter system optimization especially with respect to CPU performance, IO latency and memory subsystem optimization under NVM, switching, SDI, SDN, SDS

Sensor system development as applied to agriculture ex soil analysis, AI for farm management in climatically hostile environments, herding of cattle as well as daily task optimizations ex. human movement tracking of heavy loads, applications of drones to security

education and training
selected publications
Academic Articles1
  • Kalafatis, S. (1993). Design and development of a rotating wafer scanner. 32(2), 420-424.
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Conference Papers3
  • Vrecenar, R., Hall, M., Zshiesche, J., Naidu, M., Rajendran, J. V., & Kalafatis, S. (2019). Red Teaming a Multi-colored Bluetooth Bulb. 00, 293-296.
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  • Knudson, D., Kalafatis, S., Kleiner, C., Zahos, S., Seegebarth, B., Detterfelt, J., ... Roos, M. (2018). Global software engineering experience through international capstone project exchanges. Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Global Software Engineering, ICSE '18: 40th International Conference on Software Engineering. 54-58.
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  • Al-Momin, M., Lazaridis, P. I., Cosmas, J., Zaharis, Z. D., Kalafatis, S., Mihovska, A., & Glover, I. (2016). QoS-aware ant routing with security constraints in optical fibre networks by using RGB pheromones. 2016 IEEE International Black Sea Conference on Communications and Networking (BlackSeaCom), 2016 IEEE International Black Sea Conference on Communications and Networking (BlackSeaCom). 1-5.
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