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  • Gonzalez, L. A., Quigg, A., Steichen, J. L., Gelwick, F. P., & Lester, L. J (2021). A New Approach to Functionally Assess Estuarine Fish Communities in Response to Hydrologic Change. Estuaries and Coasts. 44(4), 1118-1131.
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  • Steichen, J. L., Labont, J. M., Windham, R., Hala, D., Kaiser, K., Setta, S., ... Quigg, A. (2020). Microbial, Physical, and Chemical Changes in Galveston Bay Following an Extreme Flooding Event, Hurricane Harvey. Frontiers in Marine Science. 7, 186.
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  • Steichen, J. L., & Quigg, A. (2018). Fish species as indicators of freshwater inflow within a subtropical estuary in the Gulf of Mexico. Ecological Indicators. 85, 180-189.
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  • Steichen, J. L., Denby, A., Windham, R., Brinkmeyer, R., & Quigg, A. (2015). A Tale of Two Ports: Dinoflagellate and Diatom Communities Found in the High Ship Traffic Region of Galveston Bay, Texas (USA). Journal of Coastal Research. 31(2), 407-407.
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