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  • Berke, P., Kates, J., Malecha, M., Masterson, J., Shea, P., & Yu, S (2021). Using a resilience scorecard to improve local planning for vulnerability to hazards and climate change: An application in two cities. Cities. 119, 103408-103408.
  • Yu, S., Malecha, M., & Berke, P (2021). Examining factors influencing plan integration for community resilience in six US coastal cities using Hierarchical Linear Modeling. Landscape and Urban Planning. 215, 104224-104224.
  • Wang, Y., Gao, S., Li, N., & Yu, S (2021). Crowdsourcing the perceived urban built environment via social media: The case of underutilized land. Advanced Engineering Informatics. 50, 101371-101371.
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  • Woodruff, S., Meerow, S., Gilbertson, P., Hannibal, B., Matos, M., Roy, M., ... Berke, P (2021). Is flood resilience planning improving? A longitudinal analysis of networks of plans in Boston and Fort Lauderdale. Climate Risk Management. 34, 100354-100354.
  • Yu, S., Brand, A. D., & Berke, P (2020). Making Room for the River. Journal of the American Planning Association. 86(4), 417-430.
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