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My research focuses on corporate governance, executive compensation, M&A, and social evaluations. I draw on behavioral decision and social psychological perspectives to examine the roles

governance and social evaluations play in individual perceptions, individual and group behavior,

and organizational outcomes.

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Academic Articles23
  • Klein, F. B., Chaigneau, P., & Devers, C. E. (2019). CEO Gender-Based Termination Concerns: Evidence From Initial Severance Agreements. JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT. 014920631988742-014920631988742.
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  • Devers, C. E., & Mishina, Y. (2019). Comments on Stigma Versus Legitimacy. JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT INQUIRY. 28(1), 16-21.
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  • Parker, O., Krause, R., & Devers, C. E. (2019). HOW FIRM REPUTATION SHAPES MANAGERIAL DISCRETION. Academy of Management Review. 44(2), 254-278.
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  • Gamache, D. L., McNamara, G., Graffin, S. D., Kiley, J., Haleblian, J., & Devers, C. E. (2019). IMPRESSION OFFSETTING AS AN EARLY WARNING SIGNAL OF LOW CEO CONFIDENCE IN ACQUISITIONS. ACADEMY OF MANAGEMENT JOURNAL. 62(5), 1307-1332.
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  • Pfarrer, M. D., Devers, C. E., Corley, K., Cornelissen, J. P., Lange, D., Makadok, R., Mayer, K., & Weber, L. (2019). SOCIOCOGNITIVE PERSPECTIVES IN STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT. Academy of Management Review. 44(4), 766-773.
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