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We are developing and applying Magnetic resonance techniques for the investigation of rapid processes and molecular dynamics. Hyperpolarization of nuclear spins yields unprecedented levels of signal, which enables us to acquire NMR spectra of reactions as they occur, in real time. Applications of these techniques include the fields of enzyme catalysis, reactions in organic chemistry, polymers, and more.

To enable the use of hyperpolarization in NMR, we develop new hardware and specially adapted NMR experiments, and investigate the dynamics of hyperpolarized spin systems.

Hand-in-hand with hyperpolarization, we use modern multi-dimensional NMR for the investigation of basic determinants of protein structure and function, including of membrane proteins.

selected publications
Academic Articles81
  • Hu, J., Kim, J., & Hilty, C. (2022). Detection of Protein-Ligand Interactions by 19F Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Using Hyperpolarized Water.. J Phys Chem Lett. 13(17), 3819-3823.
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  • Hilty, C., Kurzbach, D., & Frydman, L. (2022). Hyperpolarized water as universal sensitivity booster in biomolecular NMR.. Nat Protoc. 17(7), 1621-1657.
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  • Jaroszewicz, M. J., Liu, M., Kim, J., Zhang, G., Kim, Y., Hilty, C., & Frydman, L. (2022). Time- and site-resolved kinetic NMR for real-time monitoring of off-equilibrium reactions by 2D spectrotemporal correlations.. Nat Commun. 13(1), 833.
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  • Kim, J., Mandal, R., & Hilty, C. (2021). 2D NMR spectroscopy of refolding RNase Sa using polarization transfer from hyperpolarized water.. J Magn Reson. 326, 106942-106942.
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  • Mandal, R., Pham, P., & Hilty, C. (2021). Characterization of protein-ligand interactions by SABRE.. Chem Sci. 12(39), 12950-12958.
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  • Kim, Y., & Hilty, C. (2019). Applications of Dissolution-DNP for NMR Screening.. BIOLOGICAL NMR, PT B. 501-526. Elsevier.
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  • Kim, Y., Wang, Y., Chen, H., & Hilty, C. (2018). In-Vitro Dissolution Dynamic Nuclear Polarization for Sensitivity Enhancement of NMR with Biological Molecules.. PROTEIN NMR: METHODS AND PROTOCOLS. 155-168. Springer Nature.
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Conference Papers3
  • Granwehr, J., Harel, E., Hilty, C., Garcia, S., Chavez, L., Pines, A., Sen, P. N., & Song, Y. (2007). Dispersion measurements using time-of-flight remote detection MRI.. Magn Reson Imaging. 25(4), 449-452.
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  • Fernndez, C., Hilty, C., Bonjour, S., Adeishvili, K., Pervushin, K., & Wthrich, K. (2001). Solution NMR studies of the integral membrane proteins OmpX and OmpA from Escherichia coli.. FEBS Lett. 504(3), 173-178.
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  • Winterhalter, M., Hilty, C., Bezrukov, S. M., Nardin, C., Meier, W., & Fournier, D. (2001). Controlling membrane permeability with bacterial porins: application to encapsulated enzymes.. Talanta. 55(5), 965-971.
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