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Professor of Law & Director of India Programs

My research focuses on the interplay between international trade law and intellectual property issues with a developmental perspective. I write on issues that affect developing nations' decisions from embracing the trade regime.

selected publications
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  • Muraleedharan, A., Ragavan, S., Nalini Bage, N., & Devi, R (2022). Perceptions of Medical Undergraduate Students on Curricular Changes in Anatomy: An Embedded Design Mixed Method Study. Journal of Advances in Medical Education & Professionalism. 10(1), 22-29.
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  • Ragavan, S. (2021). Waive the IP Rights and Save Lives. Southviews. (231),
  • Kimball, J., Ragavan, S., & Vegas, S. (2020). Reconsidering the Rationale for the Duration of Data Exclusivity. University of the Pacific Law Review. 51(3), 525-537.
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  • (2015). Diversity in Intellectual Property. Cambridge University Press.
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  • Ragavan, S., & Vanni, A. (2021). Introduction. Intellectual Property Law and Access to Medicines. 1-22. Routledge.
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  • Ragavan, S. (2021). World Trade Organization. Intellectual Property Law and Access to Medicines. 25-43. Routledge.
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  • (2017). Diverse harmonization: Indian example. Matthews, D., & Zech, H. (Eds.), Research Handbook on Intellectual Property and the Life Sciences: Research Handbooks in Intellectual Property Series. 369-379. Edward Elgar Publishing.
  • Matthews, D., Zech, H., & Ragavan, S. (2017). Chapter 20: Diverse harmonization: Indian example. Research Handbook on Intellectual Property and the Life Sciences. 369-379.
  • Ragavan, S., & Dav, R. S. (2016). Frand and Compulsory Licenses: Analysis and Comparison. Battersby, G. J., & Grimes, C. W. (Eds.), 2015 Licensing Update. 9-3-9-12. 2015 Licensing Update.
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