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Biology and ecology of bony fishes, sharks, and rays. Research focus on life history, habitat use, movement, and feeding ecology of marine species throughout sub-tropical and temperate ecosystems.

selected publications
Academic Articles71
  • Plumlee, J. D., Hala, D. N., Rooker, J. R., Shipley, J. B., & Wells, R. (2021). Trophic ecology of fishes associated with artificial reefs assessed using multiple biomarkers. Hydrobiologia. 848(18), 4347-4362.
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  • David Wells, R. J., Rooker, J. R., Addis, P., Arrizabalaga, H., Baptista, M., Bearzi, G., ... Villanueva, R. (2021). Regional patterns of δ 13 C and δ 15 N for European common cuttlefish ( Sepia officinalis ) throughout the Northeast Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea. Royal Society Open Science. 8(9), 210345-210345.
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  • Livernois, M. C., Mohan, J. A., TinHan, T. C., Richards, T. M., Falterman, B. J., Miller, N. R., & Wells, R. (2021). Ontogenetic Patterns of Elemental Tracers in the Vertebrae Cartilage of Coastal and Oceanic Sharks. Frontiers in Marine Science. 8, 704134.
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  • Rooker, J. R., Wells, R., Block, B. A., Liu, H., Baumann, H., Chiang, W., ... Shiao, J. (2021). Natal origin and age-specific egress of Pacific bluefin tuna from coastal nurseries revealed with geochemical markers.. Sci Rep. 11(1), 14216.
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  • (2015). Feeding ecology of bluefin tunas. Biology and Ecology of Bluefin Tuna. 78-97.
Conference Papers6
  • Atkins, E. L., Tinhan, T. C., Wells, R., & Alvarado-Bremer, J. R (2019). Estimating levels of gene flow of a large coastal shark, Carcharhinus leucas, in the Gulf of Mexico. INTEGRATIVE AND COMPARATIVE BIOLOGY. 59, E268-E268.
  • Baumann, H., Wells, R., Rooker, J. R., Zhang, S., Baumann, Z., Madigan, D. J., ... Fisher, N. S. (2015). Combining otolith microstructure and trace elemental analyses to infer the arrival of juvenile Pacific bluefin tuna in the California current ecosystem. ICES Journal of Marine Science. 72(7), 2128-2138.
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