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My research focuses on deciphering diversity, function and bioactivity of microbiomes of plants, and soils that are associated with plants. I use cutting-edge OMICS tools combined with computational biology to unravel the mysteries of plant microbes.

selected publications
Academic Articles11
  • Imran, M., Khanal, S., Zhou, X., Antony-Babu, S., & Atiq, M (2022). First Report of Brown Leaf Spot of Rice Caused by Curvularia hawaiiensis in the United States. Plant Disease.
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  • Yadav, P., Antony-Babu, S., Hayes, E., Healy, O. M., Pan, D., Yang, W. H., ... Weber, K. A (2021). Complete Genome Sequence of Geobacter sp. Strain FeAm09, a Moderately Acidophilic Soil Bacterium.. Microbiol Resour Announc. 10(2), e00979-e00920.
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  • Antony-Babu, S., Stien, D., Eparvier, V., Parrot, D., Tomasi, S., & Suzuki, M. T (2017). Multiple Streptomyces species with distinct secondary metabolomes have identical 16S rRNA gene sequences.. Sci Rep. 7(1), 11089.
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  • Deveau, A., Antony-Babu, S., Le Tacon, F., Robin, C., Frey-Klett, P., & Uroz, S (2016). Temporal changes of bacterial communities in the Tuber melanosporum ectomycorrhizosphere during ascocarp development.. Mycorrhiza. 26(5), 389-399.
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  • Parrot, D., Antony-Babu, S., Intertaglia, L., Grube, M., Tomasi, S., & Suzuki, M. T (2015). Littoral lichens as a novel source of potentially bioactive Actinobacteria.. Sci Rep. 5(1), 15839.
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Conference Papers2
  • Khanal, S., Zhou, X. G., Antony-Babu, S., & Gaire, S. P (2021). Genetic variation of rice kernel smut populations in the United States. PHYTOPATHOLOGY. 111(10), 128-128.
  • Antony-Babu, S., Dasgupta, A., Boak, E., & Pierson, E. A. (2020). Fusarium cotton wilt pathogen Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. vasinfectum race 4 (FOV4) supports a diverse aerobic and anaerobic bacterium on its hyphae. PHYTOPATHOLOGY. 110(12), 92-92.
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Antony Babu