My research uses transdisciplinary modeling approaches to address public health challenges for a wide range of infectious diseases. A focus of my research has been to develop data-driven models to 1) understand and predict epidemiological risk, patterns, and burden of infectious diseases, 2) identify and evaluate optimal strategies for disease control and prevention, and 3) perform economic analyses of public health intervention measures for preventing or curtailing disease outbreaks. Such research is paramount for informing public health policy for infectious diseases prevention and control and ultimately saving lives.

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  • Ndeffo-Mbah, M. L., & Pandey, A. (2020). Global Risk and Elimination of Yellow Fever Epidemics. The Journal of infectious diseases. 221(12), 2026-2034.
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  • Olson, M. F., Ndeffo-Mbah, M. L., Juarez, J. G., Garcia-Luna, S., Martin, E., Borucki, M. K., ... Hamer, G. L. (2020). High Rate of Non-Human Feeding by Aedes aegypti Reduces Zika Virus Transmission in South Texas. VIRUSES-BASEL. 12(4), 453-453.
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  • Eksin, C., Ndeffo-Mbah, M., & Weitz, J. S. (2020). Reacting to outbreaks at neighboring localities. 2020.04.24.20078808.
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  • Bai, Y., Wang, X., Huang, Q., Wang, H., Gurarie, D., Ndeffo-Mbah, M., ... Zhao, H. (2020). SARS-CoV-2 infection in health care workers: a retrospective analysis and a model study. 2020.03.29.20047159.
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  • Parpia, A. S., Skrip, L. A., Nsoesie, E. O., Ngwa, M. C., Abah, A., Galvani, A. P., & Ndeffo-Mbah, M. L. (2020). Spatio-temporal dynamics of measles outbreaks in Cameroon. Ann Epidemiol. 42, 64-72.e3.
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