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  • Cooke, O. M (2014). Andrew A. Gentes, trans., Russia's Penal Colony in the Far East: A Translation of Vlas Doroshevich's 'Sakhalin'. Sibirica: Interdisciplinary Journal of Siberian Studies. 13(1), 87-89.
  • Cooke, O. M., & Cooke, L. B (2011). Divorce, Russian Style (review article on The Last Station. The Evolutionary Review. 2, 221-223.
  • Cooke, O. M. (2011). Remembering Solovki: Gennady Andreevs Solovetsky Islands,. Gulag Studies. 91-120.
  • Cooke, O. M (2010). Gogol's Artistry, Andrei Bely, Christopher Colbath, Vyacheslav Ivanov. The Russian Review. 69(4), 693-694.
  • Cooke, O. M (1996). After Plattling.
  • Young, A. E (2015). Foreword.. Obstet Gynecol. A History of Russian Symbolism. i-i. Ovid Technologies (Wolters Kluwer Health).
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  • Cooke, O. M. (2013). Evgeniia Ginzburg. Cornwell, N. (Eds.), Reference Guide to Russian Literature. 320-322. Routledge.
  • Cooke, O. M. (2013). Moscow. Cornwell, N. (Eds.), Reference Guide to Russian Literature. 163-164. Routledge.
  • Cooke, O. M. (2013). The Roads We Did Not Choose: Educating the Public through Performance Art on Women in the Gulag. Lira, S., Amoeda, R., & Pinheiro, C. (Eds.), Sharing Cultures 2013 Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Intangible Heritage, Aveiro, Portugal, 24-26 July 2013. 441-446. Green Lines Instituto para o Desenvolvimento Sustentvel.
  • Cooke, O. M. (2013). The Silver Dove. Cornwell, N. (Eds.), Reference Guide to Russian Literature. 159-160. Routledge.
Conference Papers1
  • Moridis, G. J. (2011). Foreword. Transport in Porous Media. 90(1), 1-2.
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