My research is in network analysis and modeling of complex systems and Systems of Systems (SoS). I use bio-inspired systems design to solve sustainability and resilience related problems. Human networks of interest include, but are not limited to, industrial resource networks, power grids, water distribution networks, makerspace learning environments, and supply chains.

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Academic Articles15
  • Chatterjee, A., Malak, R., & Layton, A. (2022). Ecology‐inspired resilient and affordable system of systems using degree of system order. 25(1), 3-18.
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  • Bhasin, D., McAdams, D. A., & Layton, A. (2021). A Product Architecture-Based Tool for Bioinspired Function-Sharing. Journal of Mechanical Design. 143(8),
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  • Ali, A. K., Layton, A., Kio, P., & Williams, J (2021). Matrix Trays: From waste to opportunities. Journal of Cleaner Production. 300, 126813-126813.
  • Chatterjee, A., Brehm, C., & Layton, A. (2021). Evaluating benefits of ecologically-inspired nested architectures for industrial symbiosis. 167, 105423-105423.
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Conference Papers30
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  • A. Foster, .., H. Huang, .., M. R. Narimani, .., L. Homiller, .., K. Davis, .., & A. Layton, .. (2021). Ecological Uniqueness for Understanding Line Importance in Power Grids. 1-6.
Repository Documents / Preprints2
  • Huang, H., Mao, Z., Panyam, V., Layton, A., & Davis, K. (2021). An Ecological Robustness-Oriented Approach for Power System Network Expansion.
  • Huang, H., Panyam, V., Narimani, M. R., Layton, A., & Davis, K. R. (2020). Mixed-Integer Optimization for Bio-Inspired Robust Power Network Design.
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