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My research focuses on Continuum mechanics and its applications to Non-linear materials.

selected publications
Academic Articles575
  • Garimella, S. M., Anand, M., & Rajagopal, K. R. (2022). A new model to describe the response of a class of seemingly viscoplastic materials. Applications of Mathematics. 67(2), 153-165.
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  • Rajagopal, K. R., & Saccomandi, G. (2022). Implicit nonlinear elastic bodies with density dependent material moduli and its linearization. International Journal of Solids and Structures. 234-235, 111255-111255.
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  • Garimella, S. M., Anand, M., & Rajagopal, K. R. (2022). Start-up shear flow of a shear-thinning fluid that approximates the response of viscoplastic fluids. Applied Mathematics and Computation. 412, 126571-126571.
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  • Gomez-Constante, J. P., Pagilla, P. R., & Rajagopal, K. R. (2021). A thermomechanical and photochemical description of the phase change process in roll-to-roll nanoimprinting lithography. International Journal of Engineering Science. 169, 103564-103564.
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  • Murru, P., & Rajagopal, K. R. (2021). Stress concentration due to the bi‐axial deformation of a plate of a porous elastic body with a hole. ZAMM - Journal of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics / Zeitschrift für Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik. 101(11),
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  • Pra, V., & Rajagopal, K. R. (2018). A New Class of Models to Describe the Response of Electrorheological and Other Field Dependent Fluids. Advanced Structured Materials. Advanced Structured Materials. 655-673. Springer International Publishing.
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  • Nagarajan, H., Rathinam, S., Darbha, S., & Rajagopal, K. (2012). Algorithms for Finding Diameter-constrained Graphs with Maximum Algebraic Connectivity. Springer Proceedings in Mathematics and Statistics. Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics. 121-135. Springer New York.
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  • Rajagopal, K. R. (2010). Mechanics of Liquid Mixtures. Rheology of Complex Fluids. 67-84. Springer New York.
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  • Kannan, K., & Rajagopal, K. R. (2007). A Thermodynamical Framework Incorporating the Effect of the Thermal History on the Solidification of Molten Polymers. Material Substructures in Complex Bodies. 262-283. Elsevier.
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  • Fasano, A., Kannan, K., Mancini, A., & Rajagopal, K. R. (2007). Modelling ZieglerNatta Polymerization in High Pressure Reactors. Material Substructures in Complex Bodies. 206-237. Elsevier.
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Conference Papers52
  • Harley, C., & Rajagopal, K. R. (2019). Numerical simulations describing inhomogeneous non-unidirectional deformations of an elastic wedge. AIP Conference Proceedings, CENTRAL EUROPEAN SYMPOSIUM ON THERMOPHYSICS 2019 (CEST). 2116(1), 450022.
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  • Jacobs, T. J., Caton, J. A., Froyd, J. E., Rajagopal, K. R., & ASEE. (2014). Redesigning the First Course of Thermodynamics to Improve Student Conceptualization and Application of Entropy and Second Law Concepts. 2014 ASEE ANNUAL CONFERENCE.
  • Hall, R. B., Gajendran, H., Masud, A., & Rajagopal, K. R. (2013). Solution Approach for Coupled Diffusion-Reaction-Deformation Problems in Anisotropic Materials. Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series. 2, 83-84.
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  • Manyam, S. G., Darbha, S., & Rajagopal, K. R. (2012). Output Regulation of a Class of Nonlinear Systems Using Differential-Algebraic Equations. Volume 2: Legged Locomotion; Mechatronic Systems; Mechatronics; Mechatronics for Aquatic Environments; MEMS Control; Model Predictive Control; Modeling and Model-Based Control of Advanced IC Engines;, ASME 2012 5th Annual Dynamic Systems and Control Conference joint with the JSME 2012 11th Motion and Vibration Conference. 2, 635-643.
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  • Nagarajan, H., Rathinam, S., Darbha, S., & Rajagopal, K. R. (2012). Synthesizing robust communication networks for UAVs. 2012 American Control Conference (ACC), 2012 American Control Conference - ACC 2012. 3730-3735.
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