My research focuses on Computational Intelligence, Mechatronics, Dynamic Systems and Control, Robotics and Automation, Autonomous Vehicles, Fault Diagnosis and Identification (FDI), and Rehabilitation Robotics.

selected publications
Academic Articles98
  • Zhou, W., Qiu, Z., Tian, S., Liu, Y., Wei, L., & Langari, R. (2021). A Novel Hybrid Approach for Risk Evaluation of Vehicle Failure Modes. Sensors (Switzerland). 21(2), 661-661.
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  • Chen, J., Hu, S., Ye, Y., Huang, H., Langari, R., & Tang, C. (2021). A cascaded scheme for high-performance estimation of vehicle states. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers Part D Journal of Automobile Engineering. 235(8), 2101-2113.
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  • Zhou, W., Qiu, Z., Wang, F., Wei, L., & Langari, R. (2021). A novel risk evaluation for vehicle failure modes using a hybrid method under fuzzy environment. International Journal of Crashworthiness. 1-13.
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  • Zhang, F., Hu, X., Langari, R., Wang, L., Cui, Y., & Pang, H. (2021). Adaptive energy management in automated hybrid electric vehicles with flexible torque request. ENERGY. 214, 118873-118873.
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  • Morris, A. S., & Langari, R. (2015). Measurement and Instrumentation: Theory and Application. Academic Press.
  • Langari, G. (2012). Dynamics, Vibration and Control. Wiley Custom Learning Solutions.
  • Morris, A. S., & Langari, R. (2012). Measurement and Instrumentation Theory and Application. Academic Press.
  • Langari, R. (2012). Measurement and Instrumentation. Elsevier.
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  • Kim, Y., Kim, C., & Langari, R. (2012). Neuromorphic smart controller for seismically excited structures. Design Optimization of Active and Passive Structural Control Systems. 216-233. IGI Global.
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  • Kim, Y., Langari, R., & Hurlebaus, S. (2011). Identification and control of large smart structures. Engineering Physics and Mechanics: Analyses, Prediction and Applications. 295-360.
  • Kim, Y., Hurlebaus, S., & Langari, R. (2009). Fuzzy Control of Large Civil Structures Subjected to Natural Hazards. Recent Advances in Intelligent Control Systems. 3-20. Springer London.
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Conference Papers148
  • Ko, S., Langari, R., & IEEE, .. (2020). Shared control between human driver and machine based on game theoretical model predictive control framework. 2021 IEEE/ASME INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ADVANCED INTELLIGENT MECHATRONICS (AIM). 649-654.
  • Zhang, Q., Filev, D., Tseng, H. E., Szwabowski, S., Langari, R., & IEEE, .. (2019). A Game Theoretic Four-Stage Model Predictive Controller for Highway Driving. 2020 AMERICAN CONTROL CONFERENCE (ACC). 2019-July, 1375-1381.
  • Liu, S., Liu, J., Li, Y., Langari, R., & IEEE, .. (2019). A New Exponential Reaching Law of Sliding Mode Control for Vehicle-Mounted Rigid - Flexible Manipulator. PROCEEDINGS OF THE 38TH CHINESE CONTROL CONFERENCE (CCC). 2656-2661.
  • Coskun, S., Zhang, Q., Langari, R., & IEEE, .. (2019). Receding Horizon Markov Game Autonomous Driving Strategy. 2020 AMERICAN CONTROL CONFERENCE (ACC). 2019-July, 1367-1374.
  • Jin, F., Ni, Z., Chen, H., Langari, R., Zhu, X., & Yuan, H. (2018). Single-valued neutrosophic entropy and similarity measures to solve supplier selection problems. JOURNAL OF INTELLIGENT & FUZZY SYSTEMS. Preprint(Preprint), 1-11.
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Internet Publications1
  • Soltani-Zarrin, R., Zeiaee, A., & Langari, R. (2016). Moving exoskeletons from sci-fi into medical rehabilitation and therapy. - An article submitted to The Conversation
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