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My research focuses on culture and biology, cooperation, human evolutionary ecology, horticulturalists; hunters and gatherers, local people and environmental issues, and adaptation to the tropics.

selected publications
Academic Articles28
  • Alvard, M. S. (2015). How much land do the Wana use?. Sellet, F., Greaves, R. D., & Yu, P. L. (Eds.), Archaeology and Ethnoarchaeology of Mobility. (pp. 108-126). University Press of Florida.
  • Alvard, M. S. (2012). Human Sociality. Mitani, J. C., Call, J., Kappeler, P. M., Palombit, R. A., & Silk, J. B. (Eds.), The Evolution of Primate Societies. (pp. 585-604). University of Chicago Press.
  • Alvard, M. S. (2007). Evolutionary Ecology and Resource Conservation. Penn, D. J., & Mysterud, I. (Eds.), Evolutionary Perspectives on Environmental Problems. (pp. 81-104). Transaction Publishers.
  • Alvard, M. S. (2005). The Ultimatum Game, Fairness, and Cooperation among Big Game Hunters. Foundations of Human Sociality: Economic Experiments and Ethnographic Evidence from Fifteen Small-Scale Societies. (pp. 413-435). Oxford University Press.
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  • Alvard, M. S., & Gillespie, A. (2004). GOOD LAMALERA WHALE HUNTERS ACCRUE REPRODUCTIVE BENEFITS. Research in Economic Anthropology. Socioeconomic Aspects of Human Behavioral Ecology. (pp. 225-247). Emerald (MCB UP ).
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