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Academic Articles20
  • Zhu, Y., Rodriguez-Paras, C., Rhee, J., & Mehta, R. K. (2020). Methodological Approaches and Recommendations for Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Applications in HF/E Research.. Hum Factors. 62(4), 613-642.
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  • Chen, J., McCulloch, A., Kim, H., Kim, T., Rhee, J., Verwey, W. B., Buchanan, J. J., & Wright, D. L. (2020). Application of anodal tDCS at primary motor cortex immediately after practice of a motor sequence does not improve offline gain. Exp Brain Res. 238(1), 29-37.
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  • Rhee, J., & Benden, M. E. (2019). Stand-Biased Desk Intervention on Sleep Quality of High School Students: A Pilot Study Using Tri-Axial Accelerometery.. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 17(1), 37-37.
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  • Mantooth, W. P., Mehta, R. K., Rhee, J., & Cavuoto, L. A. (2018). Task and sex differences in muscle oxygenation during handgrip fatigue development.. Ergonomics. 61(12), 1646-1656.
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Conference Papers17
  • Mehta, R. K., & Rhee, J. (2017). Functional Brain Activation During Lower Extremity Neuromuscular Fatigue In Older Women. MEDICINE AND SCIENCE IN SPORTS AND EXERCISE. 49(5), 695-695.
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  • Kennedy, D. M., Rhee, J., & Shea, C. H. (2015). Multifrequency bimanual force production: 1:2 versus 2:1. JOURNAL OF SPORT & EXERCISE PSYCHOLOGY. 37, S46-S46.
  • Kim, T., Rhee, J., & Wright, D. (2014). Incorporating new knowledge following consolidation of previous motor sequence learning from random and blocked practice. JOURNAL OF SPORT & EXERCISE PSYCHOLOGY. 36, S36-S37.
  • Rhee, J., & Wright, D. L. (2013). Acute exercise prior to procedural skill practice: Arousal or learning benefit?. JOURNAL OF SPORT & EXERCISE PSYCHOLOGY. 35, S47-S47.
  • Wright, D. L., Kim, T., & Rhee, J. (2013). Incorporating new task knowledge following high contextual interference training. JOURNAL OF SPORT & EXERCISE PSYCHOLOGY. 35, S57-S58.
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